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App Publishing: The Ultimate Guide!

The collective smartphone app marketplace is a digital boomtown that just won’t stop growing. There are currently 8.13 million apps on Apple and Google’s app stores combine and that number doesn’t seem to be shrinking anytime soon. Smartphone developers keep on creating and publishing apps, and they keep on raking in money through subscriptions, purchases, and ad …

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Steps to publishing a book

Steps to Publishing a Book

Have you always dreamed of publishing your own book? Well, you’re not alone! About 200 million Americans want to publish a book too – that’s a lot of competition! The steps to Publishing a Book might be chalenging. While a lot of people want to be authors, many of them never complete a book or never take …

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Should I Get An App

Should I Get An App?

Should I get an app? Do I need an app? Is having an app essential for me? These questions typically come up before you can decide whether or not to get an app. To answer them, firstly you should know what an app is and what kind of an app you need. What An App …

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