Digital Publishing Solutions for Publishers and Enterprises

MagLoft is a digital publishing software for publishers of all sizes that are looking for a professional, easy to use and economically friendly way to offer mobile apps, web apps and other digital services to their readers.

MagLoft builds mobile apps for publishers

We build native apps for bloggers, magazine publishers and enterprises that get published in all the major app stores!

100% Your brand!

All our plans are free of any MagLoft branding. Build your own brand and not someone elses!

You are in control!

Use your own developer accounts for Apple, Google & Amazon. Stay in 100% control of your apps and revenue!

Start for free

Register for free and start customizing your apps and adding content. Upgrade when you are ready to publish!

Upload your PDF files

The fastest and easiest way to get started. Add interactive elements like audio and video to PDF files.

Connect your blogs

Connect your blogs and import existing content to turn it into native iOS and Android mobile publishing apps.

Build your own

Use our unique drag and drop editor to create responsive and interactive content for your digital publishing apps.

TypeLoft visual HTML5 drag and drop editor

We’ve named our responsive content editor TypeLoft! It’s awesome!
With TypeLoft you can drag and drop interactive building blocks to create amazing HTML5 layouts!

Fully responsive

Create your page layout once and watch it magically adapt, collapse and resize itself to fit any screen size and orientation perfectly. No more “pinch to zoom” nonesense from PDFs!

Interactive widgets

Drag and drop interactive widgets like YouTube, SoundCloud, Scrollable Images, Tap to Reveal, Slide Shows, Parallax and HTML5 widgets which allow you to add custom code.

Building blocks

You can save a collection of widgets into building blocks. These blocks can be re-used on any page or in other issues. Speed up your content creation using building blocks!

MagLoft is built with love from Singapore & Bali

Code Updates
Bugs Squashed

Who should use MagLoft To Create Digital Publishing Apps

It doesn’t matter if you are a hobbyist blogger, professional publisher, an agency or enterprise. 
We have a solution for you!


Turn your hobby or passion into a digital publishing app. Use our TypeLoft editor to create your content and mobile apps.


Convert your existing blog into native iOS and Android apps! Get listed in App Stores! Offer your readers a truly native experience.

Print Publisher

Take your print content and turn it into digital magazine apps! Simply upload your PDF, add interactive elements and publish.


Use MagLoft to publish and distribute educational material to classes, students, schools and universities.

Digital Agency

Offer the MagLoft Digital Publishing Solution as your own to your clients! Complete white label solution available.


Secure and dedicated enterprise apps to deliver content to your organization. Custom solutions that suit your needs.

Magloft Customer Stories

We are super proud to have such amazing customers! Read some of their stories below:

Change Creator Magazine

Change Creator Magazine

Working with Magloft tools and features to create our magazine content was a must because it is responsive for mobile and can be viewed on desktop. But even more importantly, this allowed us to generate sales from our website and not just the app store. Their platform is very powerful with rich analytics and tools to connect with the audience, another huge plus.

Adam Force
Adam Force
Australian Aviation

Australian Aviation

I chose MagLoft because I could not find any solution that offered all the features and tools in one platform. MagLoft helps us to sync our subscribers from our website to their system. MagLoft editor also helps us to create interactive content for Australian Aviation. Not to mention their affordable price and a single payment based on the subscription without any extra fees.

Christian Boucousis
Christian Boucousis
Pastry Arts Magazine

Pastry Arts Magazine

MagLoft offers a very nice turnkey solution and I have come to truly love working with the MagLoft team.

Shawn Wenner
Shawn Wenner
Kandy Magazine

Kandy Magazine

MagLoft provides the best value for a 3rd party magazine app solution. We’ve been digitally publishing since 2011 on various platforms including AEM. The MagLoft features for magazines combined with their robust analytics platform offer a solution at a price that no app platform competitor can match. None! I highly recommend MagLoft no matter what your budget may be. Moving to MagLoft was the best business decision we made. You should do the same.

Ron Kuchler
Ron Kuchler

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