The All-In-One Digital Publishing Platform

Convert PDFs into Engaging Content that Works on ALL Devices to Generate More Traffic, Readers & Revenue

All-In-One Sales Tool for PDF publishers looking for a Simple yet Powerful System

Universal App is powered by the latest Progressive Web App (PWA) technology to make your content look and read great on any device, size and orientation. Welcome to the future of digital publishing!

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Convert your PDF documents to rich HTML, perfect for mobile devices

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PDF Toggle View

Easily allow your readers to switch between PDF and HTML reading modes

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Website Embed

Embed & share your issues on any web page and social media.

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Offer gated content using email registration or payments.

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Yours, Truly

Promote your own brand, not your solution provider

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Grow your Business

Reach more readers by getting ranked in search engines

Here are 9 amazing Benefits of Using the Universal App Solution

All-in-one solution

Don't worry about connecting multiple applications or installing and updating a ton of plugins in WordPress or other complicated CMS systems.

Don’t worry about the tech!

We’ve got your back and have built Universal App on the latest and greatest technology which we will maintain, improve and keep up to date for you!

Integrate with your existing systems

We will help you get integrated with any payment, CMS, marketing automation or advertising solution you currently use.

Hands off approach

We offer fully managed solutions and amazing support from start to finish!

Build YOUR Brand

Everything is customized to your domain, look and feel. Zero MagLoft branding anywhere.

Responsive & Interactive Content

This is what readers want today and this is what we have spent 8 years developing for you!

Generate more traffic

Convert PDF to search-engine optimized articles, so your readers can enjoy your beautiful PDF designs, while your articles start ranking in search engines

Grow your Audience

Reach your readers with push notifications, smart lead-capture forms and retargeting ads to encourage them to come back and engage with your content

We care about your Advertisers too

Launch advertising campaigns on your Universal App or integrate with third-party advertising solutions!

Trusted by publishers all around the world

We help publishers bridge the gap between Print, Mobile & Web, to generate more traffic, readers, and revenue.

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9 Step Digital Publishing Blueprint for Success

When you work with us, we follow a proven 9-step blueprint to get you from Zero to Hero as quickly as possible.

The All-In-One Digital Publishing Platform

How to Get Started Today

You can register for a free Universal App account right now (no credit card required) to see how it works. These are the steps we recommend new users to take:

  • Register for your free account (no credit card or commitment required)

  • Get full access to all tools and features for 14-days

  • Book a free fast start meeting with one of our digital publishing experts

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Looking For a Free PDF to HTML Tool?

FlexPDF is a free PDF to HTML Conversion Tool. Sign up for free, and enjoy unlimited conversion, that you can share with your audiences!

Why MagLoft and the Universal App

MagLoft is a dynamic and flexible digital publishing startup of 10 young and skilled entrepreneurs striving to deliver the best solution to support publishers of all types. MagLoft has been creating mobile iOS and Android apps since 2014 and leverages Progressive Web Apps since 2020. We have launched more than 500 apps for 250 clients over the years.

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