We don’t want to sound negative, but the truth is traditional print magazines belong in the past, especially when compared to online magazine publishing.

The reasons vary. From the expenses to the speed the news industry has to follow today, the fact is that online magazine publishing is gaining more and more ground as we speak.

And it works amazingly well.

Online Magazine Publishing Revenue

Right after the rising popularity of the Internet, everything changed in the publishing industry.

Magazines replaced their published material with online stories, while online magazines popped up without even having to publish a print issue.

The Internet created the online publishing industry and, today, it is estimated at 8.17 billion dollars. Moreover, it is expected that digital consumer magazine ad revenue will increase to $13.1 billion by 2022.

Now that you know why you have to invest in this business, it’s time to take a look at eight key trends to keep in mind when you create an online magazine publishing empire.

Let’s go, shall we?

1. Find Your Niche

There was this time when magazines just printed and published anything they wanted. From pieces on culture to recipes, the world of publishing was stuffed with information irrelevant to each other.

Those days are now long gone.

Now, the key trend is finding a niche. Find a subject your readers will actually enjoy and focus on becoming an authority on that subject. There is one key advantage when it comes to a niche website: targeting.

You can target your audience and provide them with the information they really need. Don’t try to be an authority on multiple businesses; try to be an expert in just one.

2. Clean, Minimal Design

Back in the past, people wanted maximal, busy designs. Today, this is not the case. In fact, the reader wants to see less complex designs when they read a story so they can concentrate on it.

This tip is really important to keep in mind when you monetize your website. Avoid distracting, big banners. They’ll only turn your readers away. There are other types of ads you can experiment with, and we’re going to talk about them right now.

3. Monetization Alternatives

The list of monetization possibilities is endless. There was a time when banners were the only solution. People just clicked on them when they wanted to know more about a product or service.

However, you should follow one of these three alternative paths if you want to earn more from your website:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a huge industry right now, and there is definitely room for growth. In fact, you should jump right in right after you finish reading this blog post.

The idea is simple. You promote a product (or a service in some cases) and you get a commission every time the user buys the stuff you suggest.

This suggestion can happen via blog posts, videos, sponsored social media content, or even a banner (if you’re a more traditional kind of creator). People have made six to even seven figures through affiliate marketing.

It’s definitely something you should try!

Sponsored Content

Assuming your online magazine publishing project has gained attention, you’re now in a good place to promote more and more. Creating sponsored content for your blog is the perfect solution.

You can write a product review, a listicle, or even a feature related to the product or the service that either you want or you’ve been asked to promote.

Don’t believe integrating advertising into your content is something new. In fact, magazines have been working on advertorials since the forties, but the Internet has boosted their effectiveness and use.

Rich Ads

Ads don’t have to be in the form of banners. It’s 2018 (Happy New Year, folks!) and ads can take many forms. From expanding to sticky and from roll-over to e-mail ads, the number of options will amaze you.

Do some research and see for yourself!

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4. Variety of Funnels

We know what you’re thinking: online magazine publishing should only contain written content. Well, no. There are so many different types of media that sticking to just one solution is not the best scenario.

Try and work with video, e-mail marketing, infographics, posts… Experiment with anything you want and with trial and error you will find what best suits your needs, readership, and style.

5. Is Your Online Magazine Responsive?

By “responsive,” we don’t mean replying to the messages sent by your audience –which you should do when you have the time. Your online magazine must respond correctly to every single type of device there is.

Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, or a PC/Mac, your website display should remain in a great condition. In fact, this is a ranking factor for Google search results, a topic we’re going to cover right away!

6. Of Course, SEO!

No matter the year, the trends, or what tips you read, one thing remains the same:

You. Need. Google. Period.

Organic visits are the ones you should target for one reason: organic visitors can become fans.

Get yourself familiar with all the SEO methods and make sure you create good, valuable content so Google will deliver it to as many users as possible.

7. Consistent Content

Like it or not, success goes hand in hand with a well-structured schedule. Create a schedule and stick to it. Regular content is –yes, you guessed it right– another Google ranking factor.

Be persistent and (apart from attracting new visitors to your website) you will create a personal connection with your existing ones.

8. Work on Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is not just a way to attract a new audience; it’s also an equally effective way to keep one. However, you don’t want to stick to just a couple of solutions.

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you need to create accounts on every single medium out there, post content and then push it to as many people as possible.

Be your own brand ambassador and meet success!


So, yes, creating an online magazine publishing empire requires a lot of work. However, you’re lucky you’ve found us. MagLoft is the only tool you need when you create an online magazine.

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