SEO & Analytics

Increase the chance of your publication being discovered by more audiences from anywhere, 24/7. Track your funnel and reader's behavior to make informed decisions on how to grow your readerships, engagement and revenue.

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How It Works

Your readers are everywhere. You should be too.

Increase the chance of your digital publication being discovered by more audiences. Track and retarget your funnel to create an informed, data-driven decision to grow your business.

UA & GA Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

Gather valuable insights about your readers and their behaviour within your Universal App. Our powerful Google Analytics integration allows you to make informed decisions on how to best grow your audience.

advance seo

Advanced SEO Tools

Each of your pages in the Universal App (UA) has the potential to rank on Google. It's easy for you to set up meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text for images, and define SEO keywords via the UA admin with guided fields and SEO score indicators.

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Tracking Integrations

Connect your own Google Analytics and Meta Pixel accounts to start tracking your readers behaviour and re-targeting visitors.

pwa and seo

Incredible Performance

By leveraging PWA (Progressive Web App) technology, your universal app will load a lot faster than an average website, and gain a strong boost in ranking on Google and similar search engines. This will help grow your visibility on search result pages and in social media.

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Custom Domain

Your publication, your brand!

Use your own domain as the URL for your Universal App. We want you to promote your own brand, not someone else's. You own the brand, the content, and the traffic.

Benefits of SEO & Analytics for your publication

Using HTML content will make it faster and easier for search engines like Google to find and index your content.

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PDF & HTML Reading Modes

Let your readers enjoy awesome experiences from the best of both worlds: Pixel Perfect PDF and Responsive HTML with interactive elements.

Reader CRM & Payments

Integrated payment gateway via Stripe and Reader CRM with Import & Export tools help you keep an overview of your readers. Manage their details, newsletter registrations, and subscriptions.

Articles & Collections

Easily publish your content and make it work harder for you. Offer paid issues, subscriptions, lead magnets, or free content to increase your traffic, readers, and revenue.

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