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MagLoft Classic is a mobile app publishing software for publishers of all sizes that are looking for a professional, easy to use and economically friendly way to offer mobile apps and other digital services to their readers.

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500+ Apps Built And 12,000+ Issues Published

MagLoft Builds Mobile Apps For Publishers


100% Your Brand!

All our plans are free of any MagLoft branding. Build your own brand and not someone elses!


You Are In Control!

Use your own developer accounts for Apple, Google & Amazon. Stay in 100% control of your apps and revenue!


Start For Free

Register for free and start customizing your apps and adding content. Upgrade when you are ready to publish!


Upload Your PDF Files

The fastest and easiest way to get started. Add interactive elements like audio and video to PDF files.


Connect Your Blogs

Connect your blogs and import existing content to turn it into native iOS and Android mobile publishing apps.


Build Your Own

Use our unique drag and drop editor to create responsive and interactive content for your digital publishing apps.

How MagLoft Classic Works

MagLoft classic is a complete mobile app publishing solution that eliminates all the technical requirements for creating mobile apps for publishers. We take care of all the technical aspects of mobile publishing leaving you to focus on the most important part, your content! Simply register for a completely free - no obligations account to experience your new mobile app publishing dashboard.

TypeLoft Visual HTML5 Drag And Drop Editor


We’ve named our responsive content editor TypeLoft! It’s awesome! With TypeLoft you can drag and drop interactive building blocks to create amazing HTML5 layouts!


Fully Responsive

Create your page layout once and watch it magically adapt, collapse and resize itself to fit any screen size and orientation perfectly. No more “pinch to zoom” nonesense from PDFs!


Interactive Widgets

Drag and drop interactive widgets like YouTube, SoundCloud, Scrollable Images, Tap to Reveal, Slide Shows, Parallax and HTML5 widgets which allow you to add custom code.


Building Blocks

You can save a collection of widgets into building blocks. These blocks can be re-used on any page or in other issues. Speed up your content creation using building blocks!

Who Should Use MagLoft To Create Mobile Publishing Apps



Turn your hobby or passion into a mobile publishing app. Use our TypeLoft editor to create your content and mobile apps.



Convert your existing blog into native iOS and Android apps! Get listed in App Stores! Offer your readers a truly native experience.


Print Publisher

Take your print content and turn it into mobile magazine apps! Simply upload your PDF, add interactive elements and publish.



Use MagLoft to publish and distribute educational material to classes, students, schools and universities.


Digital Agency

Offer the MagLoft Digital Publishing Solution as your own to your clients! Complete white label solution available.



Secure and dedicated enterprise apps to deliver content to your organization. Custom solutions that suit your needs.

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Our Features Are Tailored For You

We empower publishers to develop their app presence. Have a look at the features we customize for you.

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Connect Your Website With MagLoft

Already have your own website where you offer magazine subscriptions or issues? Save the hassle of manually adjusting your readers’ purchases by connecting your website with MagLoft!

Read more about our Wordpress plugin here.


Targeted Notifications and Automatic Background Issue Downloading

Push notifications is a powerful feature to re-engage your readers and remind them to come back and read your magazine. Send push notifications that automatically start downloading new issues in the background. This way readers can access new content without having to wait for it to download.


In-App Purchases

Sell paid single issues and subscriptions easily in Apple App Store and Google Play Store with MagLoft’s help! Your revenue will be fully yours as MagLoft does not take any commission fee.


Customize and Preview Your App Before Publishing

Forget about having to code or other complex ways of updating your app. Almost every aspect of your app’s design can be updated from the online web portal. You can also check out how your issues and design will look on mobile before actually publishing them live!


Create Shorter Articles Or Import Your RSS Feed

While waiting for your next issue, keep your readers engaged by releasing shorter articles. If your website already has a blog, you can simply import the RSS feed and our system will automatically add them as articles to your mobile apps. You can even edit them further to make it more interactive!


Additional tools and integration

Aside from our main features, we have additional tools such as: Bookmarks, notes, highlights, Augmented Reality Module, and Event Based Photo Sharing Module. We also support Facebook app integration, MailChimp integration and API integration. In addition, you can customize app rating request, custom email and subscriptions


In-App Pages

Got something to say? Send your readers personalized messages when they access your apps. The right message can encourage them to sign up, purchase an issue, or even subscribe to your magazine! You can also set up another message thanking them when these actions were completed.


Own Your Apps!

All of your apps will be published in your own Apple/Google Developer Accounts, so you will have total control over them. In addition to that, having your company/developer account name shown in the App Store and Play Store will help maximize your branding. 

Benefits Of Adding Mobile App With Us

Mobile app presence is a major growth driver for publishers. Invest in long term digital strategy and switch to app with us today.


Easily Generate More Revenue From Your Mobile Apps

  • Sell your individual issues and subscriptions on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

  • Place your sponsored content easily on your apps and track the link using our Analytics

  • No commission fee from MagLoft at all!

Sales is an important part of any business and as the publishing industry shifts to digital, there are many different ways for publishers to gain more revenue. You can now do that easily by selling individual issues and subscriptions using In-App Purchases features on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Store.


Increase Your Publication’s Brand Awareness

  • There will be no MagLoft logo, icon, text, or mention within your apps. Your readers will see the app as yours.

  • Design your apps to match your branding, and preview them before you publish.

  • One of the primary reasons businesses today turn to mobile app development is to build brand awareness.

Just as owning your apps, we understand how important it is to present your brand 100% on all front. Which is why we try to provide as many options as possible for app design to reflect this.


Be 100% In Charge Of Your Apps

  • Your apps will be published on your own developer accounts to ensure it will be 100% yours

  • You can simply login to adjust any information within your own developer accounts as needed

  • All of the information regarding your apps and developer accounts belong to you

Unlike most digital publishing platforms out there, we understand the importance of owning and controlling your data. You never ever need to worry about being locked out or losing access to your own apps, it will always be yours.


7 Years Of Digital Publishing Experience

  • We have been involved in the mobile publishing space since 2013 and have built up an wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • You will always be able to get on live calls with our digital publishing consultants for feedback or support on your digital publishing strategy.

  • Most of our competitors have focused on Web Apps and PDF content where we focus on Mobile Apps and Responsive HTML content.

We have helped hundreds of clients take advantage of digital and mobile publishing with our solutions. We have seen and worked with brands and clients from many different industries and with different needs. We know how to first understand your situation and then propose a solution.


Always Updated Apps

  • We make sure your apps are always up to date.

  • No need to worry about new operating systems or technical changes.

  • MagLoft will keep all your apps fully up to date and compliant with App Stores.

Every so often Apple and Google introduce new code changes that can impact the functionality of live apps if they are not kept updated. You can rest assured knowing that our team is always testing and ensuring that your apps will always work and stay compliant with major App Stores.


Customer Support

  • Enjoy our amazing support from our customer success team

  • Get answers and support within minutes using our live chat

  • We go above and beyond to service our customers

We are proud to have our customers and partners rate our customer support as high as they do. We believe in mutually beneficially partnerships and it’s in our best interest that you receive the best support you can get.

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