In this digital era where people do almost everything online, it’s not a surprise that having a website is one of the most important assets if you run a business. Your website can be one of the greatest marketing tools, helping you engage with your users. On the other hand, when you run a digital publication (i.e: magazines), just having a website is not enough. It’s also very important to have a separate platform optimized for you to manage your products and publications. But who says you have to pick one over the other? With MagLoft WordPress plugin, you can now have the best of both worlds with ease!

magloft wordpress plugin

What Is MagLoft WordPress Plugin?

Simply put, it is a plugin that you can use to connect your WordPress with MagLoft. Connecting these two very different platforms will save you from the hassle of manually adjusting your readers’ purchases.

It means that whenever your readers purchase a subscription or single paid issues on your website, this plugin will automatically send this information to the MagLoft portal. That way, your readers will automatically be able to unlock their purchases on your native mobile apps and Web App as well!

Why Use MagLoft WordPress Plugin?

There are a lot of benefits that you can gain by allowing your WordPress site to connect with MagLoft. To start with, you will be able to keep your existing website. You don’t need to start over with a different platform, which means that you won’t lose your existing audience.

Keeping your existing website also means that you have an additional media channel that you can use to market your publication. More exposure can help you optimize your sales/marketing game. On top of that, being connected with MagLoft will allow your readers to consume your content on their native mobile apps immediately after purchase on the web.

Another benefit that you get by being able to sell on your website is that you are able to circumvent the 30% App Stores fees, as your readers will be purchasing directly through your website.

Everything that is done via WordPress will automatically be sent to MagLoft so data is always in sync. This includes subscription purchases, single-issue purchases, as well as cancellations. You also won’t need to manually import any of your reader’s data from your website to MagLoft.

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What Do I Need To Be Able To Use The MagLoft WordPress Plugin?

First of all, you will need to get a shopping plugin installed on your WordPress site. We always recommend WooCommerce, but MemberPress is also a great plugin that you can use. You also have to set up the products on the website on your own as the plugin does not do that. You can learn how to set up products with WooCommerce here. For MemberPress, you can check out here.

This plugin also currently works only for our Premium subscriptions. If you are currently not on our Premium plan but want to upgrade, you can see how to do that on our help article here.

How Can I Set Up The WordPress Plugin?

It is very easy! There is no extra setup fee, as our WordPress plugin is readily available and can be downloaded anytime here. You can simply download the plugin and upload it on your WordPress site. For a more detailed step by step how-to, check out our help article here.

Need Help?

Check out our help center here, we have some helpful articles regarding our features and service that might help you! If you are unable to find what you were looking for, or if you need any help for the initial setup for the WordPress plugin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via live chat (should be available on the right bottom part of your page) or shoot us an email at 😉

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