Are you considering to create the best digital magazines ever? You have a great idea!

But how do you get started? How do you ensure your magazine has useful content and generate revenue?

You’ll find so much advice on the internet, and everyone will be telling you to try out different ideas. But you shouldn’t give up. Starting a digital magazine may not be half as hard as you possibly think.

All you need for the best digital magazine is to look at what the top iPad magazines are doing and learn from the things they’re doing right and avoid the wrong ones.

Here are six best digital magazines that you can use as inspiration.

1. Wired

When Wired went live eight years ago, it sold more than 24,000 copies in the first 24 hours.

The Conde Nast-owned mag is quite popular among the American digital magazine readers and is one the most popular magazines in the world. It’s also one of the best digital magazines among others.

What is Conde Nast doing right?

Unlike other magazines that have overly complicated layouts, Wired has a smart layout that not only lends a clean appearance to the magazine but also enables readers to navigate the pages quickly. The designs load faster, and this has improved the user experience.

The mag cross-links related contents from different platforms, and this has significantly improved readers retention.

Unfortunately, Wired also has its fair share of weaknesses; its layout doesn’t allow page pinching and zooming. Also, like the other iPad magazines, the reader cannot select text, let alone copy and paste.

Wired recently added social media sharing tools but their sharing capabilities are limited. The content in the tablet edition also feels static and less web-like.

Ideas You Can Gather from Wired

Wired is an invaluable source of inspiration.

You should ensure your digital magazine has a simple and responsive design; this will help to increase your mag’s loading speed and also enhance the reader experience.

You should also cross-link related articles to provide additional information and keep the readers interested. Your magazine layout should allow pinching or zooming to meet the diverse needs of different users.

It would be a great idea to allow your readers to share your articles without limitations. Whenever possible, make your content web-like and ensure your text can be selected, copied, and pasted.


This is one of the best digital magazines that brings old and new ideas to life. The only iPad travel magazine has a fresh-faced layout that load within seconds and makes the mag easy to navigate.

The text used in this mag is also clear and legible, a factor that has helped to keep readers interested.

TRVL also uses large and vivid photographs that have a way of making readers feel like they’re actually in the exotic places being discussed in the articles.

When appropriate, TRVL also links its articles to external sources such as Wikipedia.

However, TRVL also has some weaknesses: its articles aren’t easily sharable. Besides, the reader cannot select or copy text.

What You Can Learn from TRVL

You should choose a font that’s visible and easy to read. When necessary, you can link your articles to internal content and a few external sources

Also, use photographs and ensure they grab the attention of the reader and make your mag more attractive and exciting.

If you’re interested in travel-related topics, you can learn how to start a travel magazine and generate revenue.

3. The Magazine

The Magazine is favourite among digital magazine readers and also one of the best digital magazines for a reason. It’s reasonably priced ($1.99 per month) and uses web-friendly text.

But that’s not all.

The Magazine also has intuitive navigation, and unlike other mags, it favors lighter-weight content.

Besides, it gives a great deal of control to its readers, unlike most iPad magazines. Readers can adjust the text size and even select their default web browsers. They can also share articles without limitations.

The articles in this mag are usually long and well-written.

One of the significant weaknesses of The Magazine is that it contains too many bells and whistles, and this makes it less interactive than other mags.

The Lessons You Can Learn from the Magazine

Although creating a digital magazine is costly, you should ensure your mag is reasonably priced.

You should also create lengthy and well-written content that serve the interests of the target readers. Consider focusing on lighter-weight content and give your readers control.

4. Spin Magazine

Spin Magazine has a built-in audio player that lets users listen to the music being written about on the mag’s pages. The built-in audio player may feel like a standard feature for a music magazine, but rarely are music mags this adventurous.

Spin’s app is never stale because of the interesting news feeds and reviews from Spin’s website beneath the logo-adorned covers.

The only major weakness is that the audio player sometimes fails to work. The print content is also frustratingly static.

Ideas You Can Gather from Spin Magazine

You need to be adventurous and introduce features that suit your target audience. It’s also advisable to focus on keeping your readers informed and entertained.

5. The Atlantic

The Atlantic has a tablet edition that is attracting magazine readers from all over the world.

The iPad edition features a great layout and is easy to navigate. It also comes with some of the best tech writings.

The content in The Atlantic is easily shareable and can also be browsed by topical sections (entertainment, tech, politics, etc.) Like most print-first publishers, however, this mag needs to do more to make its print content more web-like.

What You Can Learn from The Atlantic

Make sure your mag can be browsed by topical sections if you intend to focus on different topics. If you’re a print-first publisher, ensure your print content is more web-like.

6. Huffington

This magazine allows readers to share articles without limitations. Readers can also view articles as plain, resizable HTLM text.

Also, unlike the vast majority of iPad magazines, Huffington incorporates reader comments and makes it more interactive.

Appropriate use of embedded video could make Huffington even better.

What You Can Learn from the Best Digital Magazines

It’s a great idea to share great content and incorporate reader comments in your mag. You should also ensure appropriate use of embedded video, music, and other exciting features. You also need to pay attention to the layout and strive to meet the needs of your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Starting a digital magazine can be confusing and challenging. But that should not intimidate you.

Take your time and study the strengths and weaknesses of the best digital magazines. If you do so, you’ll be able to establish a digital magazine that target readers will love and subscribe to.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about digital magazines, feel free to contact us now.