Full Digital Magazine Solutions For Aspiring Or Seasoned Publishers

Whether you’re just starting or looking for a better solution for your existing digital magazine, we offer wide-range of products and features tailored for your needs.

500+ Apps Built and 12,000+ Issues Published

Digital Magazine Case Studies

We have worked with many different publishers from many different niches to provide digital magazine solutions that suit their needs and budgets. We love working with ambitious publishers who dare to challenge the status quo. 

Kandy Magazine

I have been incorporating technologies to drive sales and growth, including in Kandy Magazine. However, I found many technical challenges to make it happen before we found MagLoft. Once we worked with them everything improved. Our sales increased, and content was secure with the awesome MagLoft digital magazine app technology.

Ron Kuchler
Editor in Chief, Kandy Magazine

Pastry Arts Magazine


Coming from a culinary background with no prior experience in publishing magazines, I was searching for a digital publishing solution and found MagLoft. I had created Entrepreneurial Chef which is 100% digital with them before and very happy with the results. So I duplicated – almost to a “T” – of what I did to create Pastry Arts Magazine. Not only we’re able to publish our second magazine easily, we’ve also grown our subscribers to 12,000 in 5 months from scratch! 

Shawn Wenner
President & Chief Editor, Pastry Arts Magazine

Change Creator Magazine


We have extraordinary visions with Change Creator and it’s not enough to just be that normal business magazine. MagLoft helps us to show what we want to achieve. Not only they help us to provide web and mobile apps, we even shifted from regular PDF issues and InDesign to create interactive and responsive content using their editor, TypeLoft.

Adam Force
Founder & Publisher, Change Creator Magazine

KROMA Magazine


Magloft is the best platform for indie publishers. And there are thousands of indies out there! When it comes to customers, publishing costs are always top of mind. MagLoft plans are unbeatable. On top of this – they provide a solid mobile app publication.

Yannis Spanoudis
Founder, Kroma Magazine

Benefits of Adding Digital Issues With Us

The future of publishing is digital! There is no denying that. We have the outmost respect for print publishers and we love to help publishers overcome the technical challenges so they can focus on what they are best at – content! Let MagLoft show you everything we can offer to help you gain more readers, subscribers, revenue and engagement.

Easily Generate More Revenue From Your Mobile Apps

Sales is an important part of any business and as the publishing industry shifts to digital, there are many different ways for publishers to gain more revenue. You can now do that easily by selling individual issues and subscriptions using In-App Purchases features on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Store.

Always Updated Apps

Every so often Apple and Google introduce new code changes that can impact the functionality of live apps if they are not kept updated. You can rest assured knowing that our team is always testing and ensuring that your apps will always work and stay compliant with major App Stores.

Get Started For Free

We want to give you the best possibility to try out MagLoft before committing financially. We are convinced that you have found the perfect solution for your digital publishing needs, and we understand that you need time to dive in and learn the tools first. That’s why we offer a completely free registration without asking for credit card information.

Publish Using Your Developer Accounts

Use your own developer accounts to remain in 100% control of your apps,  revenue, and brand! Most of our competitors will force you to get your apps published under their developer accounts, building their brand and keeping you out of control of your App Store listing.

We have heard from many publishers moving to MagLoft that they are not able to transfer their apps because their previous provider either can’t or won’t release the app from their developer accounts.

Customer Support

We are proud to have our customers and partners rate our customer support as high as they do. We believe in mutually beneficially partnerships and it’s in our best interest that you receive the best support you can get.

Our Digital Magazine Features Are Tailored For You

Each magazine is unique and requires different solutions, so we put our 6 years of knowledge and experience to craft the features specifically designed for you.

Connect Your Website With MagLoft

Already have your own website where you offer magazine subscriptions or issues? Save the hassle of manually adjusting your readers’ purchases by connecting your website with MagLoft!

Read more about our WordPress Plugin here.

Create Fully Responsive Content That Reads Perfectly On Any Devices

It’s super important that your content is easily readable on smartphones and tablets. The regular PDF magazine is unreadable on smartphones. With responsive design, your content will resize and scale automatically to fit any device size, resolution and orientation.

Bring Your Content Alive with Various Interactive Widgets

Static content is boring, and your readers will quickly realize that. Flipping through a PDF isn’t very exciting and you need to add more fun to keep them engaged. With MagLoft there are no limits to what you can create. Anything that can be built for the web can be used in your magazines! 

Sell Subscriptions and Issues Online

The MagLoft Web App can be fully branded and customized with your own Stripe and PayPal accounts in order to accept payments for issues and subscriptions purchase. You can also sell your magazine issues through Apple and Google’s In-App Purchases for your mobile apps.

Online App Builder

Forget about having to code or other complex ways of updating the look and feel of your app. Almost every aspect of your app’s design can be updated from the online Publishing Portal. See your changes update instantly in your apps!


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our pricing and plan details. Below are our most popular plans for mobile app publishers.

App Publisher

Web + Android App
$ 199
/ m
  • 2,000 Readers
  • Android App
  • Import RSS Articles
  • Push Notifications
  • Advanced Analytics

Mobile Publisher

Web + Mobile Apps
$ 299
/ m
  • 5,000 Readers
  • Android App
  • iOS App
  • Amazon App
  • API Integrations


Web + Mobile Apps
$ 499
/ m
  • Custom Readers
  • Users & Roles
  • White Label Branding
  • Custom Development
  • SDK Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions! If you don’t find an answer to yours below please contact us here.

You can either upload the PDF version of your print or create responsive mobile content using our user-friendly multimedia editor, TypeLoft. We’ll also be more than happy to help you convert your PDF to responsive content with a quote, book a meeting with us today to find out more!

Before getting your app published in either Google Play, Apple App Store, or Amazon Appstore we need to build and submit the app for a review. The app-building process typically takes 1-2 business days, while Google Play, App Store, and Amazon app reviews usually take 2-5 business days.

You can publish 1 publication (magazine title) and unlimited issues with MagLoft by default. Each publication gets distributed as an iOS, Android, Amazon and Web application.

However, if you’re looking into adding more publications within your account, you can do so by upgrading your plan. We’ll be more than happy to guide you through it, just book a meeting with us today to get started!

Absolutely! You can integrate MagLoft with your own website which allows you to sell online using your preferred payment solutions.

You can also create a custom subscription in MagLoft for any purchases made on your website. We are happy to demo how this could work for your website. Just book a meeting with us today to learn more.

We recommend that you always offer a free trial subscription and/or free issue content to your readers. Then add links/integrations with your website and generally promote the free trial. in your apps. This will help you get a lot of new trials that will convert to paid regular subscribers. For more tips book a call with our experts today.

In most cases the answer is yes and we can help you. It does however depend on who published your initial apps and which developer accounts were used. Please get in touch with us if you are looking to move from another provider to MagLoft.

Build a successful digital publishing solutions with MagLoft