For years, we have been engaged in the print vs digital magazines debate. The swings back and forth as we pit the two forms of publication against one another in a never-ending question of “which one is better?”

But what if we told you these two methods weren’t enemies, but allies?

There are a lot of opinions floating around on the internet regarding print and digital magazines means.

Discover why as we dive deep into this hot topic and reveal the advantages of using digital magazines to either enhance print publications or simply start a magazine from scratch.

The Print vs Digital Magazines Debate

print vs digital magazines

As professional publishers, it’s important to consider what your readers prefer when it comes to print vs digital magazines. While print magazines have their perks, it’s important to remember that digital magazines provide ease and accessibility that can’t be matched by print.

According to a survey conducted by Marketing Charts in 2022, more US adults (68.5%) reported reading physical magazines, with 3 in 10 reading them weekly and 8.4% daily. But fewer people access magazines online compared to news (36.1% vs. 18% never access them). Only about one-third access both magazine apps and websites weekly, not significantly higher than those who read print magazines.

Even though the survey showed that more people still read physical magazines, it’s important to know that the market for advertising in magazines is changing.

Magazine advertising is shifting to digital faster than newspapers, with PwC predicting that digital ad spend for consumer magazines will surpass print ad spend in 2025, a year earlier than newspapers.

To tap into the digital market, print publications can deliver digital versions to subscribers with no printing or delivery costs. This brings in profit to add to existing print subscribers, and a cheaper digital-only subscription can attract new readers.

The Perks of Print Magazines

Of course, print magazines still have their perks. There’s something special about holding a physical copy of a magazine in your hands and flipping through the pages. But by offering digital versions of your publication, you’re not only expanding your potential reader base, but you’re also providing an additional level of convenience and accessibility.

While the internet is a great resource and one many people use to read up on the news and various click bait or niche stories, print magazines are viewed as more leisurely formats.

Many readers classify sitting down and reading a physical magazine as a form of relaxation. It gives them a break from the screen they spend a good portion of their day staring at while at work.

Yet where it excels, it also lacks. Digital magazines have many advantages, one of the primary ones being convenience.

The Perks of Digital Magazines

Digital magazines offer unique opportunities to create an immersive reading experience by integrating multimedia elements like audio and videos.

Additionally, digital magazines provide other benefits. For example, tracking reader engagement through analytics tools, refining future content, and being accessible anytime and anywhere.

Compared to print publications, digital magazines have the advantage of wider distribution channels and lower start-up costs. Therefore, creating a digital magazine can help expand readership, and if the demand exists, publishers can consider print issues.

Some Things Work Better Together

After reading this, can you really say the battle of print vs digital is one worth arguing? Or is it time to put away the gloves and start seeing their synergy?

Both print and digital mediums have their place. With unique advantages to each, you can build your publication strategy around the pros that work best for your target audience.

In most cases, having both formats benefits your business, so why fight it? If you own a print publication, let digital work hand-in-hand with you to grow your readership.

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