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MagLoft’s Universal App Newsletter – April 2022

This month’s TL;DR

  1. Introducing our new, simpler pricing!
  2. Stay in touch with your readers with our brand new Push Notifications feature
  3. Want to show off your content? You can do it now with our new Embed View!
  4. Check out our new articles and level up your digital publication

Words from our COO – Introducing our new, simpler pricing!

words from our coo magloft universal app april newsletter

The MagLoft Team is always listening to our prospects and customers so we can create and deliver solutions that offer them genuine value.

Turns out most businesses want a single, predictable subscription plan that is tailored to their unique needs. It helps them with budgeting and means they only pay for what they use with no unexpected jumps in prices.

You asked, we delivered! We’ve created 3 base subscriptions and revised PDF conversion services as a Phase 1 on our journey to offer flexible modular pricing later this year.

Read all about it here and let us know your thoughts.

New Features & Updates

We have come up with two new, exciting features that will upgrade your digital publishing business to the next level!

Notify your readers about YOU, using the Push Notifications

Send a pop-up message to your readers, about the latest update of your product, a promotion, or just to say hi to them, using Push Notifications. UA is now integrated with Google Firebase Console, and you can connect your Firebase account directly from your UA Admin, and start sending notifications to your readers!

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push notifications magloft universal app april newsletter

Animations on how push notifications are being displayed on your readers devices

Embed your PDF & HTML collections on your website

Yes, you can now show off your beautiful collections from Universal App (UA) to your other platforms, such as your website. We started this year with PDF Toggle View, where your readers can alternate between reading your content in both PDF & HTML view.

Our dev team has worked their magic and provided you with an embed code that you can share outside Universal App. Now, more readers can see your awesome content in both PDF and HTML, or just PDF or HTML. It is completely up to you! :wink

Curious to see what it will look like on your website? Check out our blog post here.

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magloft universal app pdf toggle embed view on other websites

How PDF & HTML Toggle View looks like on your websites

Level-up your Digital Publication

Learn how you can bring your digital publication to the next level on MagLoft's Universal App blog post articles and Medium account

Check out our account on Medium & the latest articles published on our blog, where our team shares in-depth, insightful information, explanations and tips & tricks to help your publishing business be more successful.

1) Importance of a Good Reading Experience

Great content alone can’t make up for a poor reading experience. So, how can you provide an EXCELLENT reading experience?

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2) Power up: Integrating Universal App with other leading apps

Learn the different kinds of apps we recommend integrating into your Universal App. Such as Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel Ads to help you build, optimize and track your retargeting advertising campaigns.

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3) Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) vs Native Apps

Our all-in-one digital publishing solution, The Universal App, is a Progressive Web App (PWA). But what are PWAs? And what makes them different from Native Apps?

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That’s it for this month! Stay in touch with us at Medium & Linked In, where we share new articles weekly and our social media, where we share updates and helpful information for you!


The MagLoft Team.

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