The MagLoft Team are always listening to our prospects and customers so we can create and deliver solutions that offer them genuine value.

Turns out most business’ want a single, predictable subscription plan that is tailored to their unique needs. It helps them with budgeting and means they only pay for what they use with no unexpected jumps in prices.

Sounds good right? So that’s exactly what we have done – we’ve created 3 base subscriptions and revised PDF conversion services as a Phase 1 on our journey to offer flexible modular pricing later this year:


  1. Starter Plan ($49 p/m*) – Self Service Option for HTML only publishers
  2. Growth Plan ($245 p/m*) – Account Management Option for PDF publishers
  3. Custom Plan (bespoke**) – Growth Plan plus Custom Development & Extended Support

*You can also bag yourself a 2 month discount if you choose to pay annually (pay 10 months get 12)

**MagLoft are now open for Custom Projects again!!!


50% off Pro Conversion: Best in Class PDF to HTML conversion now $5 per PDF page


Every Universal App plan now offers:

  • Unlimited readers and traffic (no more Pay as You Grow pricing)
  • Unlimited content (worry free publishing)


Recent feedback has positive, with one publisher sharing:

“My document conversion time is minimized, my proofing time is minimized and I’ve even seen in the recent upload that the pull quotes even translated without much intervention for myself onto the product.

Very good job the product is incredible and this has greatly reduced my development time to get a launch – this is helped us with our value proposition and enabled us to keep our pricing competitive to some of the other products in the marketplace”


Build a successful digital publishing solutions with MagLoft