The MagLoft Culture Code: Our Winning Aspirations & Core Values

Dive into our Culture Code to discover the passionate energy and inspiring values that fuel our daily innovation!

Our Winning Aspirations

1. Core Purpose

We believe in making complex problems simple.”

2. Vision

We will empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their content.”

3. Mission

Be the most authentic digital publishing partner that is truly solving.”

4. Brand Promise

“Results by Design.”

5.1 Seek to be truly solving

With colleagues, partners, suppliers, and clients. We must be 100% clear on any goal or task before work starts and ensure we are solving the root of the challenge.

5.1.1. Clarifying Questions: Embrace curiosity and ask clarifying questions. Avoid assumptions and ensure all parties have a clear understanding of tasks. Context is everything. Show genuine interest in the challenge and ask deeper, clarifying questions to fully understand its context and root cause so that we can provide the most effective and tailored solutions.

5.1.2. Over-deliver: Make it a habit to set practical goals and always aim to exceed them in quality and timeliness. This will help build continuous trust with stakeholders and demonstrate your commitment to excellence. 

5.1.3. Present Challenges with Possible Solutions: When faced with new challenges, always come prepared with potential solutions. It's essential to bring up challenges and provide possible solutions even better. This is a great way to show we are thinking ahead and helps everyone take action and plan solutions better.

5.1.4. Right Fit Customer: Prioritize solving 100% of the right fit customer's problems and go above and beyond for them. By understanding the needs and goals of the right fit customer, we can prioritize solving their problems and delivering value tailored to their needs.

5.1.5. Respectful External Feedback: Treat feedback, inputs, and suggestions from clients and potential clients with respect and attention. People who provide feedback believe in our success and value what we do. They cared enough to invest their time, energy, and attention toward us. Ensure feedback is shared with relevant parties and tracked for progress toward implementation. 

5.1.6. Win-Win-Win Philosophy: We strive for win-win-win outcomes where all parties involved - clients, their customers, and our company - benefit equally. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial solutions that satisfy the needs and interests of everyone involved.

5.2. Respectful and effective communication

5.2.1. We blame the process, not the person: When something goes wrong, we look at the process first, not the individual. Our leadership team ensures we have effective methods for high-quality work. We continuously strive to improve our processes and eliminate friction.

5.2.2. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: We always listen to each other's ideas and feelings with our full attention. We always try to put ourselves in the other person's shoes and see things from their perspective before voicing our opinions. 

5.2.3. Communication is more than words: We value active listening and nonverbal cues, which are important parts of communication. In group meetings, we expect all participants to have their cameras on, which helps us better understand and connect. For private sessions, we leave it up to attendees to decide whether to use their cameras or specify it upfront on the meeting invitation.

5.2.4. We embrace constructive feedback to foster growth: We will follow a framework for delivering and receiving constructive feedback with transparency and respect for one another, our clients, and our partners. We welcome opportunities to learn and improve as individuals and as a team. Constructive feedback is not only for improvements but also for acknowledging and reinforcing positive outcomes.

5.2.5. We take responsibility for clear communication: If people don't understand what we say, we haven't explained it well enough. It's our responsibility to ensure that we communicate in a way that is easy to understand.

5.2.6. Ensure that instructions and tasks are 100% clear: We prioritize clarity and accuracy in all communications to ensure everyone understands instructions and tasks. When providing instructions, we verify understanding by asking the recipient to repeat the tasks or respond with what they understand from your instructions.

5.2.7. Always practice S.M.A.R.T. communication and goal setting: We want to make it as simple as possible for recipients to understand and act on instructions and tasks. By following SMART, we ensure that we set them up for success by making tasks specific, easily measurable, relevant, achievable, and with deadlines.

5.2.8. Accountability without hierarchy: We follow the RACI framework to ensure accountability and responsibility for every main Story or Epic. We recognize that every important task needs to clearly define roles and responsibilities so that everyone involved knows what they need to do. We empower each other to hold others accountable, regardless of our rank or seniority in the company. Our RACI framework clarifies who is responsible, who is accountable, who needs to be consulted, and who needs to be informed.

5.2.9. Priority by urgency and importance: By following the Eisenhower matrix, we ensure that we focus our time and energy on tasks that are most important and urgent while delegating or eliminating less critical tasks. 

5.2.10. Practice Humility and Take Pride in Our Work: We strive to be humble and grounded while taking pride in our accomplishments. We acknowledge our strengths and limitations without judgment and accept feedback and criticism with an open mind.

5.3. People are our most valuable asset

5.3.1 Celebrate achievements, regardless of personality type: Whether someone is introverted or extroverted, they will receive recognition when it's due. We take the time to acknowledge when someone has provided exceptional value, gone above and beyond or offered a helping hand.

5.3.2 Healthy people are happy people: Staying healthy and fit through diet and exercise is very important and something we support. We encourage all team members (remote and in Bali) to think about exercise and diet and have set aside budgets for supporting activities.

5.3.3 Empowerment and Continuous Learning: MagLoft believes in empowering everyone to grow to their full potential. We recognize that our industry is constantly evolving and are committed to staying ahead of the curve by continually learning and improving. To achieve this, we provide everyone on our team with their own personal and professional development plans, which are regularly followed up on. We believe learning is a continuous experience and are excited to support our team members' growth journeys.

5.3.4. Support for Re-skilling Team Members: At MagLoft, curiosity, interest, and passion are essential drivers of motivation and execution. As our industry is constantly evolving, we fully support re-skilling team members when the time is right. We are not bound to roles and functions forever at MagLoft, and everyone has the opportunity to grow and expand beyond their initial capabilities.

5.3.5. Inclusivity at MagLoft: We believe in creating an inclusive work culture where everyone is welcome to join our family. We do not judge individuals based on their background or origin; instead, we prioritize their performance and commitment to our vision. We value skills, drive, and a shared sense of ethics that aligns with our culture code.

5.4. We work smarter, not harder

5.4.1. Learn and Grow from Experiences: At MagLoft, learning is a continuous process, and experiences, both good and bad, provide valuable lessons. We take the time to reflect on our performance as a company and as individuals to identify areas for improvement and growth.

5.4.2. Focus on One Thing at a Time: At MagLoft, we prioritize quality over quantity when completing tasks. Multitasking and context switching can lead to lower quality work and take longer to complete. Therefore, we focus on one task at a time and give it our full attention and effort. This helps us complete tasks more efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to better outcomes for our clients and the company.

5.4.3. Proactivity always beats Reactivity! Proactive people recognize that they are “response-able.” They don't blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Being proactive is all about focusing on what you can control. It's about forward-thinking behavior, anticipating the consequences of a situation before they happen. Proactively, we can pre-empt potential complications to reduce the impact on ourselves, others, and our progress.

5.4.4. We make data-driven decisions. A gut feeling can sometimes have a place, but we strive to always make informed decisions based on facts and data. Personal bias is not shunned, but objective viewpoints are generally more productive. 

5.4.5. Always focus on the most valuable work. Being agile and prioritizing what work is the most important at any given time is crucial for progress. We use frameworks like SMART, Eisenhower matrix, and the five why’s to help us understand and define “most valuable work.”

5.4.6. Remote Work: We have the power to deliver great work from anywhere! However, with great flexibility comes great responsibility! We can work when and where we choose and still produce great work. Working across multiple time zones can be challenging, but it is not a total blocker. We need to communicate, align on priorities and be prepared to make things work. No excuses, no justifications. 

5.5. We measure what matters

5.5.1. We use OKRs to measure our business performance: Clarity on business progress is vital for everyone in the organization. Every month the leadership team will present the company objectives and then work with the teams to further define how and when everyone can contribute to the goals.

5.5.2. Applying SMART in all the things we do: We all know that it takes time to properly plan and define projects and goals. A great way to ensure good planning is to apply SMART. This leads to more specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals and activities. 

5.5.3. Decisions are based on presumptions and data: When we make new business decisions, we always base them on presumptions. We always know what to measure to either validate or invalidate our presumptions.

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