“What is MagLoft” is a question we get a lot! Not many nights ago I was on a really great live demo call with a potential new client (we will call him Dan). Dan was well prepared and had a lot of great questions. It was clear to hear that Dan was taking his project and role very seriously! Dan was currently going through his due diligence on at least five different digital publishing providers.

At the end of our call, Dan asked me “can you please write two short paragraphs explaining what MagLoft is and include five things that set you apart from your competition and two things that you don’t do today, but wish you did”. I was about to write Dan an email, and then I thought why not write a short blog post instead. So here we are!

What is MagLoft in a nutshell?

MagLoft is an online system that helps publishers transition from print to digital. MagLoft offers 100% brandable native apps (iOS, Android, Amazon) and a web solution for browsers (HTML5). MagLoft is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, which means our clients have an entire team behind them when it comes to app updates, new features, improvements, security and much more.

As a client of MagLoft you have three main steps to go through before you can launch your own apps:

First, you need to add some content to your MagLoft account. This can be uploaded, created or pulled in from other sources. Secondly, you need to customize the look and feel of your apps using our app designers. Lastly, you need to prepare some graphics, descriptions, and developer accounts in order to launch your fully branded apps. MagLoft takes care of all the tech stuff, so you can focus on your content and readers!

Five Things That Sets MagLoft Apart From Its Competition

  1. Custom Development Solutions
    MagLoft understands that not all publishers are the same and often require some unique or special solution. We love working with clients that think outside the box and push our solution to the limit. We are experts of integrating and expanding our solution so that it fits perfectly with your needs. Have a look at some examples of custom development work we have completed for other clients.
  2. Content Conversion and Creation
    We believe that HTML5 content is the best choice for mobile publishers because you can create interactive and responsive content. Today, most readers consume their content on mobile devices, so it’s important that your content looks and reads great on any device size and orientation. We also help publishers convert from many formats like PDF, Epub and Adobe to fully responsive and interactive HTML5.
  3. Amazing Customer Support 😀
    MagLoft is blessed with an amazing Customer Success team! I’m super proud of how well received our support is from our clients. There are two words that really describe why we are able to deliver such great support: team effort! It is, of course, our client-facing team members that receive a lot of praise, but it’s also because of how the entire team huddles up to solve client challenges and questions. Read some of our many customer testimonials.
  4. Agile Team
    We are a small and fast-moving team of just 10 people. This means you typically work with and have direct contact with the MagLoft founders, Tobias and myself. Tobias and I love to get involved with clients and we are able to move very quickly when it comes to tight deadlines and challenging solutions. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and book a free consultation with me right now.
  5. Cutting Edge Features at Extremely Competitive Pricing
    When Toby and I started MagLoft, we really wanted to cater to indie publishers. We wanted to create an awesome tool for them so they could compete with the biggest brands! Over the years we have grown a lot and worked with many high profile companies. We have many in-house tools for publishers like our visual drag and drop editor TypeLoft and our PDF to HTML converter FlexPDF along with many other tools developed for mobile publishers. I challenge you to find another mobile publishing solution that beats MagLoft in feature set and pricing.
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Two Things You Don’t Support Today But Wish You Did

  1. Progressive Web Apps
    Our current web solution does a good job, but its technology is quickly getting outdated. There are many more powerful technologies available today that would allow us to offer a much more advanced web solution. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for online publishers and this is an area where our existing web solution is not very strong. Progressive web apps look and feel like native apps, and offer almost the same in terms of functionality.
  2. Marketing Initiatives
    We have had so many happy clients ask us “how can MagLoft help us generate more X”! You can exchange X with traffic, leads, subscribers, downloads, sales, etc. This is an area where we have been able to offer consultancy and connect clients to other solutions that can help with marketing initiatives. We really would love to offer our clients some in-house solutions to drive more traffic, leads and sales to their publications.

Spoiler Alert!

We are actively working on the two above areas and will be releasing more information soon. When we see challenges for our publishers, we take action and build solutions for them!

I hope this article helped you if you are currently evaluating different digital publishing solutions. I’m happy to jump on a quick call with you to learn more about your challenges, aspirations and current situation to see if MagLoft is a good fit for you. If you are a print publisher searching for options to move towards or add digital solutions, then have a look at our MagLofty Publishing Blueprint video below:

Build a successful digital publishing solutions with MagLoft