Do you like our free web app? Well, then you might love the fact that we have just recently changed our price from $99/month to just $29/month. In this short blog post, I’d like to touch on why we have decided to do this and where we feel the Web App fits into your publishing strategy.

What Is A Web App Anyway?

There is this huge misconception about web apps floating around the digital publishing space. It’s a vague term that doesn’t exactly scream what it is unless you are a developer. We have heard from a lot of publishers during their due diligence of digital publishing platforms, that the concept of a web app, or online magazine, is not super clear.

A Web App or online magazine is something that only runs in the browser. It can run in a desktop browser and in modern mobile browsers as well. You always need a live Internet connection in order to access and read content from a Web App. You also won’t be able to submit a Web App to App Stores, as they all require native mobile apps.

Think of a Web App as a website designed for displaying, reading and selling content online in the browser.

So Why The Lowered Price?

We decided to lower the price of the MagLoft web app for a few reasons:

1. We want our web app to be more competitive on the market

The typical price of an online magazine (or web app) seems to float around $19 to $49 monthly depending on things such as features, storage, readers and bandwidth. We tend to look at to see how they are pricing their products (they are the market leader for online magazines) and they range from $19 to $149 monthly.

By comparing our $29/month plan with their $79/month plan (and in many cases their $149/month plan) you will see that we beat or match them on virtually every point.

2. We want to cater for Indies

We want to offer a professional Web App at a price that any indie publisher can afford to get started with. When we first started out, our main focus was on the indie publishers. We wanted to offer professional digital publishing tools at a fraction of the price of our competitors.

It’s so much easier to support Web App customers than Mobile Apps. This is because there is just a single code base that needs to be maintained, whereas with Mobile App customers, each customer is essentially an individual codebase. This means if Apple or Google makes a change, then we need to update ALL our Mobile App customer apps.

This is a massive investment from our side, but also one of the biggest value propositions for our Mobile App customers. They don’t need to worry about all this as we manage it for them. I’ll write another blog post about this topic because there is so much to cover.

With a Web App we can make changes and updates much faster for all customers at once. This is one of the reasons why we can lower the price and make this available to a broader audience.

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3. We want to sell more

It’s no secret that the more we can sell, the more we can invest in our digital publishing solution and grow. This benefits our customers and our users. With a low price point of only $29/month, we need to make sure the product is as self-serviced as possible. If this takes off, then we can’t have our CS team drowning in requests because that would cost too much for the company.

This is why we have a ton of help articles and videos made over the years. These will allow our Web App customers to find answers and help to their questions right away.

If we are able to sell more Web App plans and keep our costs down, then we are able to invest more in the product and make it even better. That’s one of the main goals for the price reduction.

Have You Tried The Free Web App Yet?

In case you are not aware, we have a completely free Web App starter plan as well:

This will allow you to experience the power of our Web App without making any investment. It will also allow you to try our new TypeLoft 2.0 Editor which lets you create responsive and interactive content that’s perfect for mobile devices.

Register for a free MagLoft account to give our Web App a try.

We would love to hear what you think about it and the new price.

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