Do you love reading a magazine? Have you heard that you could easily read magazines online? There’s nothing wrong about reading a print magazine, but there are many advantages of reading magazines online. This article covers some of them.

The convenience to read magazines online

If we’re talking about a print magazine, it’s really inconvenient. First of all, you have to go to the bookstore to purchase the magazine. It does not just cost money, but also time and energy. Moreover, it would be a pain to bring the magazine everywhere if you want to read it on your trip. One magazine might be okay, but how about five magazines?

To compare with a digital magazine, you can read magazines online wherever and whenever you want. If you want to add the magazine into your collection, then you could just buy a new subscription or the magazine issue instantly from your phone. You don’t have to worry about extra pounds on your trip.

You can read magazines online unlimitedly

According to Statista, there are around 7,176 online magazines published in the US. It’s just from one country, how about all online magazines in the world?

If you’re going to a bookstore, there would be a limitation of the displayed magazine and there’s a possibility that your favourite magazine has been sold out or perhaps even shuttered from print entirely! How about online magazines?

It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that you can read magazines online unlimitedly. As long as you have money to pay for subscriptions or magazine issues, then you could read all of the online magazines across the world.

It would be cheaper, obviously

There may be a time when you want to buy five magazines at once. Unfortunately, your pocket might not agree with that idea. For print magazines, it will cost you around $5 for the cheapest one. Famous magazines like TIME, Awake or AARP can cost fourth times more than that. It’s reasonable because there are print cost, distribution cost, and additional costs associated with print magazines.

What if I told you, that you can read more magazines while paying less Would you want that?

A newsstand app is a platform that could give you access to lots of magazines just by paying a few dollars in a month. The famous one is Kindle with a free trial for 30 days, but there are also other newsstand apps that you should check it out.

Even without these newsstand apps, reading magazines online is still cheaper than print magazines. Many publishers have their own magazine app along with their print magazine. Take  National Geographic as an example. Their print magazine can cost you $19 for each issue. However, their digital edition is sold only for $12.

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Incredible interactivity of online magazines

For an online magazine, the only limit is the creator’s imagination. If they want to make the magazine easy to understand and engaging for the reader then they can add various features like audios or videos.

If you love the feeling of flipping the paper, there are many magazines that include the special feature of flipping online magazine rather than just sliding the page. Apple has this kind of feature by default if you have a PDF issue in your magazine app. There are many opportunities to turn an online magazine into something that you never imagined before.

If you are an online publisher and struggle with technical things of running an online magazine, a digital publishing solution named MagLoft can be a great partner to tackle all challenges you may have. One of the unique features of MagLoft is the visual drag and drop editor called TypeLoft. This editor enables publishers to create content that fits perfectly on any screens size and orientation. You can also make your content more interactive using TypeLoft. Creating amazing content with videos, images, and a lot of interactive elements is not just a dream. With MagLoft it can become your reality!

Let the world know about your favourite magazine

When readers read magazines online and find enchanted content, they will have the urge to tell others about their favourite magazine. Fortunately, MagLoft allows them to easily share the magazine page with friends, families and on social media. If what they have shared is really interesting, there’s a possibility that it could go viral and it will boost the magazine revenue. They can also rate the magazine app online and share their opinion about the magazine.

The only disadvantage

Nothing is perfect in this world and it also applies to online magazines. The only problem that can’t be avoided by the readers is if the gadgets’ battery dies suddenly and they were in the middle of reading something interesting. It may be a drawback that can’t be fixed but still, there are many advantages of reading magazines online, so it’s worth to check it out!

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