If you are an online publisher or have any intention to become one, then you must face the true nature of online publishing. Like every business, there are many challenges that you have to overcome. However, there are also infinite opportunities that will let your business blossom (if you have the right strategies).

Online publisher: a high opportunity to reach global audiences

online publisher: high opportunity to reach global audiences

As a publisher, one of your wishes may be to have your product distributed around the world. It won’t be impossible, but just imagine how much it will cost. But as an online publisher, that wish won’t remain as a wish. With the right strategy, your digital content can reach readers across the world.

But here is the challenge, do they even know that your digital content exists?

There are thousands of online publishers out there. Some of them are famous and some of them are unknown to the people. Which one do you want to be?

If you want to survive in this field (especially when many readers still prefer print publishing), you have to realize that dedication alone is not enough. You should plan constructive strategies to beat other online publishers out there. That’s why a vast knowledge of marketing strategy is crucial. 

Social media marketing is a must

online publisher: social media marketing

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are great platforms. Which of these platforms is best for social media marketing? Well, it depends on your content and your target audiences.

Instagram is an excellent platform for image network marketing. With more than a billion active users, you can publish photos or videos with additional captions and comment sections, which will give you many alternatives to create an engagement post. Moreover, you can also edit your photo easily and target your specific audience by using hashtags.

But if you want to create more dynamic content marketing, you may choose video networks like Youtube or Vimeo. Youtube has been a general choice for more than a decade, but you mustn’t ignore Vimeo’s charm. In Vimeo, you will be greeted with a professional and aesthetic website and a high-quality video post. It may be a great place to spread your ultimate brand.

If you want to build your brand awareness faster, then you may hold an integrated marketing campaign. Like what Vogue Magazine does. No one ever doubts that Vogue Magazine is one of the best magazines that’s popular nowadays. Vogue created a digital strategy that knitted together editorial, advertising, and consumer marketing to create a more holistic brand experience.

Vogue is also using Youtube as one of the ways to spread awareness regarding its image. At the time this post is written, Vogue Youtube Channel has 4.247.211 subscribers with its famous content which is 73 Questions with celebrities. In general, each video has been viewed millions of times.

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Online Publishing Costs Less than Print Publishing

Most people thought that every business needs a lot of investment and then gave up because they didn’t have enough money. Well, they have missed such a great opportunity!

Online business, including an online publisher, could be a great start for every entrepreneur that lacks traditional funding.

Print publishers have to print, distribute then sell their product in a bookstore. It costs money – a lot of money. There’s also a possibility that their product does not sell well and becomes waste. Fortunately, it won’t be a problem for online publishers.

The main challenge is not about the available funds, but about the monetization. The most common strategy to monetize your digital content is by selling your issues or subscriptions directly through app stores or using advertisements.

Let’s focus on the paid subscription method to get revenue. If you are a magazine publisher and want to put your magazine in the magazine category on App Store then you must have a paid subscription.

Rather than a vague explanation, let’s take an example from Thomas Baekdal. On his website, Baekdal writes his content in such a way that leaves you hanging and crave for the continuation of his content that you can definitely read – by subscription. To make it better, he also offers free membership for one week so you can try if it’s worth it.

Find a good digital publishing partner!

Let’s say you have so many doubts to step your foot into this digital publishing business. It may seem scary if you are never doing it before or you’ve been comforted enough with your print publishing business. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s meet the right digital publishing partner that can work with you as an online publisher.

One of the awesome partners that can help you is MagLoft. MagLoft will help you, as an online publisher, to publish a magazine app (native app) in the Apps Stores (Google Play Store, Apple App Stores, and Amazon App Store). MagLoft takes care of all the technical parts so you can focus on what really matters, your content.

Let’s create an account first here and you can play around with the tools as MagLoft provides a free trial which you can use as long as you want to getting all your ducks in line and ready for publishing.

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