Electronic publishing is something that we hear more and more often recently. Especially with a lot of indie magazines starting up and looking for a more inexpensive option. So what is electronic publishing and how can you start one?

Electronic Publishing: What is it?

Electronic publishing is often referred to as e-publishing or digital publishing. It is essentially distributing content to consumers through reading devices (e.g: tablets). Instead of traditional printing and sending books and magazines physically. With electronic publishing, all content is delivered digitally.

Instead of publishing literature in print, with physical pages, electronic publishing is a way of publishing in a digital form.

Why Electronic Publishing?

Switching from physical to electronic has both its advantages and disadvantages. But here at MagLoft, we definitely think that electronic publishing is the right way to go! Especially in the modern era. 

One of the biggest advantages of switching to electronic publishing is the cost. There would be a significantly lower cost of production and distribution, especially when you compare it to print.

You will also be able to get rid of your biggest challenges: distribution! 

electronic publishing: distribution

With print, unless you are a really big publishing company, it’s very difficult to distribute your magazines properly. You will need to collaborate with multiple bookstores chains, and ship your magazines in a large number. Most of the time, the cost for this ends up killing the indie and smaller publishing companies.

However, with electronic publishing, your content will be widely accessible. Everyone with reading devices and internet access (which is, almost everyone, right?) will be able to access your content. By doing electronic publishing, companies can now distribute their content worldwide and reach a wider audience with very little cost.

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How do I start?

After deciding to start your own digital or online magazine, the next big question is: how?

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We’d love to believe that starting a digital or online magazine can and should be very simple. Whether you are a print publisher switching to digital, or an indie company looking to start a new online magazine.

  1. Put together a team to work on your digital magazine content and brand

If you are just starting, you might feel like you’d rather do everything on your own. Doing this can easily make you feel overwhelmed and stop your project midway. Especially considering how many things need to get done. Putting together a team not only helps with the workload. You will also have teammates to bounce ideas off of each other. Which in turn, could make your publishing strategy even stronger!

  1. Choose the right platform

Trust us, the right digital publishing platform makes all the difference. Instead of using a dozen different platforms for a specific purpose, choose one that offers a little bit of everything. Even if you are already a big publishing company, having a good digital publishing platform can help a lot.

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