Are you wanting to stay competitive in the digital publishing world? Here are some of the digital publishing trends to keep an eye on for 2018.

Digital publishing is on the rise. With over ninety million people using e-books and over twenty million readers of e-magazines, it’s critical for you to stay on top of trends in the digital publishing world to keep up with your audiences.

In such an evolving, fast-paced industry, it may feel overwhelming to keep up with all of those trends.

However, the industry is still a predictable one. Read on to learn more about the digital publishing trends you should keep your eye on in the year to come.

1. Pressure for Quality Content

With the recent phenomenon of “fake news,” quality, meaningful content is becoming all the more urgent. Consumers are getting better at telling the difference between genuine and not so authentic writing.

More importantly, consumers are going to be as skeptical as ever when it comes to reading digital news and material. To keep up with this digital publishing trend, prioritize high-quality content that goes deep.

2. Attention to Specific Users

It’s difficult to pull attention away from building your audience because audiences are key to keeping digital publishing alive and well.

A good trend to watch for in 2018 with digital publishing is a scaling back when it comes to driving audiences. Publishers are going to be aiming to connect with specific users, the ones they can rely on. They will publish content that these particular users are hungry for.

How can you keep up with this trend? Start a conversation with your users and write what they want to hear about. Identify your core audience, and write for them.

3. Searchable and Discoverable Content

Digital publications are awesome because they bring great writing and ideas to users’ fingertips. Readers can access it anywhere and at any time.

However, readers are becoming more choosy. They want to hear more about certain content areas specifically. They are less likely to simply browse.

One of the most important digital publishing trends of 2018 is going to be easily organized and searchable content. Users are going to want to find certain topics quickly and easily.

Keep up with this trend by making your content discoverable, organized, and user-friendly.

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4. Content Designed for Mobile

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming go-to for readers on the move. People whip out their phones when they want to search for an awesome nearby cafe, read about the latest breaking news, or pick up where they left off in their e-book.

Because more and more people are relying on mobile devices, it’s essential for you to keep up with this trend of mobile-friendly content.

When it comes to digital publishing trends, this one is essential to look out for. Optimizing your content to fit any screen is a sure way to stay competitive and keep your current readership.

5. Integration with Innovative Apps

The app industry is continually on the rise, and it doesn’t look like 2018 will step anywhere near a decline in app use among digital readers.

So what do apps mean for you in the digital publishing world? A trend to look out for this coming year is an abundance of increasingly innovative digital apps. App creators are getting better at identifying consumer needs and offering app solutions.

What’s more, 2018 will see an integration of innovative apps with digital publications. Magazine apps, for example, will continue to supplement print and other digital materials.

When apps and digital publications go hand in hand, this also means that users are going to be more comfortable working with different digital channels. Readers will opt for publications that offer a seamless transition between reading material and app engagement.

6. Visual Content Is Essential

Images, audio, and other multimedia have always been key in snatching a reader’s attention, even keeping them reading.

This is going to be all the more important in 2018 as digital publications multiply and readers find themselves surrounded by digital options.

Infographics and video content will prove essential this coming year as a means of supplementing digital publications. But readers aren’t going to want just any infographic.

Visual content that is informative, smart, and concise will be more competitive. Readers are going to be pickier when it comes to visual content, valuing only what can help or inform them directly in the moment.

7. Content Will Keep Growing

This may seem like an obvious one in the world of digital publishing trends. But it’s an important trend to keep in mind as you continue to build your readership in the digital realm.

With so many channels for digital publications, publishers are producing content left and right. And with so many devices with which we can access said content, users are going to feel all the more surrounded by constant streams of information.

With a surge in content, publishers will find even greater urgency in seeking out ways to stay competitive. This may lead to new technological discoveries and more drastic steps taken to keep current readers.

Digital Publishing Trends to Watch For in 2018

Digitial publications are becoming the go-to for readers and professionals on the go. No matter what publications you produce, it’s essential for you as a publisher to make sure you are putting out fresh content your audiences will love.

Keeping up with trends is a certain way for you to expand your readership. Watch out for an abundance of content and a pressure for authentic and engaging material. Write for your core users, rather than a scaled audience, and keep an eye on app and multimedia integration in your digital material.

At the end of the day, the trend to watch out for is innovation. Publishers are feeling the need more than ever to stay ahead of the curve with technology and platforms.

Final Thoughts

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