The MagLoft team has just released a new plan option for publishers interested in creating their own Android App for their magazine. Previously all our plans included all apps (iOS, Android, Amazon) in a bundle. Now it’s possible to start with just an Android Digital Magazine App and get published in Google Play.

This change has been made due to recent events that have put a lot of pressure on all small and large businesses. The new Android App plan for Digital Magazines is an attempt to help publishers in dire need of going digital with the smallest investment and lowest risk possible.

The new MagLoft Android App plan costs only $199/m. This gives you everything you need to publish a 100% branded mobile app for your publication in the Google Play App Store.

Benefits of an Android Digital Magazine App for Your Publication

There are a lot of reasons why print publishers are looking to go digital today. One of the most common is to save money on print and distribution expenses. If not for the long run, then definitely for the short run during these crazy times.

With an Android App you have to opportunity to distribute your content to readers for almost nothing.

More importantly, with a digital distribution channel like an Android App you have the power to update, add, change, remove content at any given time. You can reach your readers in their pockets using Push Notifications. Readers can easily help you spread the word and share your digital publication with others. You can keep advertisers happy by being able to continue to deliver great content to readers. Keep your loyal subscribers happy with regular content and additional stories in the form of articles or special publications.

We didn’t even touch on the whole interactive and responsive HTML content versus static PDF content yet!

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Why Android Digital Magazine App Only Option from MagLoft?

We want to help publishers as much as possible move from print to digital. Or add the option for digital, so they can harvest the opportunities there. We also wanted to come up with a subscription plan at a lower monthly fee so publishers felt less risk.

Registering for a Google Play Developer Account is also much cheaper. Pay only ($25 lifetime) compared to Apple ($99/year). Google doesn’t require you to have a DUNS number either. Getting approved and activated is also much faster on Google compared to Apple.

With the new Android App only plan the total investment for 1 year would only be $1,990 + $25 = $2,015/year or $168/m.

This is because our yearly option gives you two months free service.

If you were to offer a monthly subscription of just $2,99 then you would only have to find 57 new subscribers in the next 12 months to cover the monthly costs of your Android Digital Magazine App.

Think about that math for a second. A small investment to make compared to many other expenses.

The MagLoft Mobile Publishing Blueprint for Print Publishers

Android Digital Magazine App by MagLoft

Of course, your numbers and situation may differ from the simplified example above. We love to work with publishers and share our 8 years of experience moving from print to digital. I should say adding digital to print instead! We are not advocates of killing print. There is definitely a place for print and many times a digital version just can’t compare. But you need to start thinking about adding digital, because times and technology changes.

Watch the video below which I created for print publishers considering going digital. It covers the 9 steps we take publishers through when they become clients of ours. I talk about pitfalls and important things to consider when doing your due diligence for a digital publishing partner:

Important TIP: you can speed up the video on YouTube to play at 1.5x speed!

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