Discover Why Publishing PDF Files In Your Digital Magazine Is A Huge Mistake That Will Cost You Readers And Subscribers!


Your Current Process

You take the PDF from your print magazine and upload it to a third party provider (native apps, newsstand, etc) in the belief that you now also have a digital version of your magazine.

The Problem

Today the majority of digital magazine readers are using smartphones to consume content. Reading a PDF on a smartphone is a terrible experience because the PDF is designed for large print and not a small screen.

The Problems With PDF Magazines

The PDF format is fixed in width and height which leaves blank spaces when read on smartphones. It’s meant for print which also makes it hard to read articles because the text is just too small. It’s also static, boring and loosing readers.

Pinch To Zoom

Forcing readers to “pinch and zoom” to read your content is a terrible reading experience.

Smartphones Readers

Most digital magazine readers are on smartphones so your content must be mobile first!

Too Much Storage

PDF files can be large and take up too much storage space on your readers devices.

Looks Cheap

Readers can see if it’s just a PDF file and this instantly diminishes your brand.

Boring To Read

Swiping a PDF is just plain boring. You need to offer readers interactive content.

Static Content

PDF files are static and by nature don’t flow to fit the readers screensize.

The Solution

Convert your static PDF issues to a responsive HTML format that eliminates all the challenges with PDF magazines.

No More Pinch To Zoom

No need for "pinch and zoom" which gives excellent reading experience to your readers.

Smartphones Friendly

Make your content mobile first and reach most digital magazine readers!

Less Storage

Free up storage space on your readers devices by getting rid of PDF files download.

Looks Awesome

Increase your brand awareness with professional looks.

Fun To Read

Offer interactive content to your readers, no more boring PDF swipes.

Responsive Content

HTML format is responsive and by nature flow to fit the readers screensize.

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MagLoft is a complete digital publishing solution specializing in responsive and interactive content. You can register for a free MagLoft account and then speak with our amazing team about converting your boring PDF’s to interactive and responsive mobile first magazines.

Here Is How It Works

The MagLoft design team will convert your boring static PDF files into responsive and interactive HTML content which looks and reads great on ANY device size and orientation! When we convert your PDF issues we also create re-usable page templates which empowers you to create new content much faster and easier in the future.

Your PDF will be converted to HTML and we will retain your design and branding in your new HTML5 responsive content. Your HTML5 content will be accessible from our Responsive Content Editor called TypeLoft. From there you can easily adjust your content and add interactive elements and animations.

Converting PDF to true Responsive and Interactive content is a manual process and is an additional paid service we offer. If you are interested, just send us your PDF file and we will get back to you with a quote and timeline for converting it to HTML5.

We Converted Powder Magazine to Responsive HTML

The Team from Powder Magazine came to us to learn if they could speed up their current InDesign workflow. It was very time consuming for their team to make changes to InDesign content because they operated with multiple layouts and a very slow conversion process. 

The MagLoft team suggested that they instead use our Editor “TypeLoft” but we had to convince them of the quality first. Below video was made by our CTO Tobias. It’s fairly long and was meant for Powder Magazine as a debriefing.

pdf to html conversion example

Fast, Easy and Flexible Ways To Get Started

We do all the work so you have nothing to risk getting started! We have several solutions available for converting your PDF content to interactive and responsive HTML5 content that cater for any budget. Start by sharing your PDF with us and we will analyze it for free and get back to you with an offer. 

Don’t let any of these excuses hold you back! We can help!

We Don't Have The Time

All you have to do is send us your PDF file and we do all the work for you.

It's Too Expensive

We have a special offer for you and the real question is, can you afford not to?

Can't Change Our Workflow

You don’t have to change anything. Just send us your PDF and we will convert it.

Mobile Traffic Dominates Digital Magazines

Tablets are portable but smartphones are pocketable!

Mobile Traffic
Desktop & Tablet Traffic

Based on data from MagLoft and our partners tracked by Google Anayltics for all digital magazine apps we published.

Why Do Mobile Readers Hate PDF Magazines?

Below is just a small excerpt of frustrated readers.

Expected A lot More

Flipping through a PDF is quite boring. I was expecting more interactions and video.

Hate Pinch And Zoom

This is 2020 and magazines still expect us to use pinch and zoom to read their stuff?

One Issue 500MB Seriously

Just downloaded the first issue. My device said it used 500MB of space!

Mobile is also dominating the internet globally

According to StatCounter Mobile Traffic Has Dominated Since 2016 and Today Accounts for More Than 50% of ALL Internet Traffic!

mobile vs desktop traffic 2020

We can help you convert your PDF to interactive and responsive content

Getting started is super simple!

1. Register For free

It’s always free to register for a MagLoft account and you can use it for as long as you want.

2. Upload Your PDF

We have a very simple interface to help you upload your PDF to MagLoft which allows us to analyze it.

3. We Convert Your PDF

We will manually convert your PDF to responsive format after a short briefing with you and your team.

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MagLoft is a complete digital publishing solution specializing in responsive and interactive content. You can register for a free MagLoft account and then speak with our amazing team about converting your boring PDF’s to interactive and responsive mobile first magazines.

What Our Customers Say

Crime Fiction Fix

Crime Fiction Fix

Have been working with MagLoft team for a while now and they offer top-notch service. Tobias and his team have been helping me to work on my content, publishing process, and any technical parts. It’s been an amazing journey with MagLoft so far.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams
GodSpeed Magazine

GodSpeed Magazine

Thank God for MagLoft. I personally would like to say thank you so much for taking care of our content every month. I truly appreciate it. I love knowing that MagLoft team are there to save the day when it matters most.

Jake Gleim
Jake Gleim
VP of Production