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Need a Zinio Alternative?

Create your fully branded digital publication powered by Progressive Web Apps (PWA) tech with robust built-in SEO tools and responsive & interactive PDF to HTML content.

Why MagLoft?

Easy-to-use solution with real human support repeatedly sets us apart from the competition. You know you are in good hands.

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Convert PDF to HTML

Easily convert your PDF issues into responsive HTML to make your content visible to search engines.

Your publication in many devices

Fully Branded Solution-No Website required

Universal App is a fully white label solution that promotes YOUR BRAND and is hosted as a sub-domain on your existing website.

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You are NOT ALONE - We’re in it TOGETHER

  • Self Service Resources

  • Great support team

  • Tech support, updates and maintenance

  • On-Demand Account Management

Interactive Content

Full Access FREE Trial

You can try out all of our features and play around with the tools before you decide.

Features Comparison

White Label Platform

MagLoft allows you to rebrand your Universal App as if it’s yours, something you can’t get from a newsstand platform like Zinio.Β 

Take Control of Your Revenue

MagLoft gives you control to take care of your monetization process. We won’t take commission, and all purchases made by your readers go straight to your Stripe account.Β 

Grow your audience with SEO

Transform your PDF articles into stunning, responsive digital content to enable search engines to guide more readers to discover your content through our built-in SEO.

FeaturesMagLoft Universal AppZinio
Built-In SEO toolsβœ…βŒ
White Labelβœ…βŒ
PDF conversion to HTMLβœ…βŒ
PDF conversion to XMLβœ…βœ…
Able to evaluate the platform without purchaseβœ…βŒ
Publish on your own URLβœ…βŒ
Push Notificationβœ…βœ…
A powerful drag-n-drop visual editorβœ…βŒ
Content management across channelsβœ…βœ…

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