MagLoft's Professional PDF to HTML Content Conversion

Transfer the look and feel of your print magazine to digital and create re-usable templates, specifically curated by MagLoft's In-house Design Team.

Starting from $10 per PDF page, you can get the same feeling as your print magazine in a digital form. Depending on the size and design complexity, this service can be delivered in less than 2 weeks.

Professional PDF to HTML Content Conversion Service Benefits


Curious about how satisfied our clients are with PDF to HTML Conversion Services?

Seeing is Believing

Take a look at one of MagLoft's Professional PDF to responsive HTML sample conversion below

How it Works?

Ready to transform your print publication to digital? Find out how MagLoft make it so easy for you to transform your PDF publication into responsive HTML.

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Log in to your Universal App

First and foremost, make sure that you have Universal App's account. Do not have one? Don't worry, contact us to help you set up one!

how to upload pdf for pro conversion

Upload Your PDF File

Prepare your PDF file, and ensure that it follows our simple PDF guidelines. Once it's all good, upload your PDF file directly to your Universal App

Prepare Phase

Time & Price Estimation

After you upload your PDF to Universal App, our team will provide a price estimate and timescale for you to consider.


Conversion & Re-usable Templates

Once approved, our In-house Designer Team will start converting your PDF into Responsive HTML, mimicking the look and feel of your print publication. We will also create a template that can be reused for future issues.


Review & Revisions

Post conversion, revision rounds are included to incorporate publisher feedback into the final design.

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Publish & Recurring Service

Once revisions are implemented and approved, we will publish the conversion to your Universal App's publication. MagLoft can create your content as service according to an agreed schedule. Preferential pricing options available based on order size, complexity and frequency.

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What Will You Get With MagLoft's Professional PDF to HTML Conversion Service?

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Don't worry. MagLoft offer three different kind of PDF to HTML Content Conversion Service, that will help you seamlessly convert your PDF into a responsive HTML, suitable for all mobile devices. Click the button below to learn more

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