MagLoft's Basic PDF to HTML Content Conversion

Seamlessly convert your PDF to a responsive HTML, that is adaptable to any screen size, for only $1 per PDF page.

Say goodbye to poor results from free PDF to HTML Conversion tools, and say hello to responsive and accurate HTML results from MagLoft's Express PDF to HTML Content conversion service.

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Seeing is Believing

Take a look at one of MagLoft's Basic PDF to responsive HTML sample conversion below

How it Works?

Get ready to convert your PDF into a responsive HTML in three easy steps. Find out how to seamlessly convert your PDF to HTML.

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Log in to your Universal App

First and foremost, make sure that you have Universal App's account. Do not have one? Don't worry, contact us to help you set up one!

Convert PDF to HTML

Upload your PDF to Universal App

Upload your PDF issue and your new HTML content will be available in your account in a few hours. Check out how to prepare your PDF following these guidelines to ensure you get the best results.


Publish your new HTML content

Publish your new HTML content, or customize your content using the MagLoft Editor. If you are new, don't worry. We have tons of help articles & videos that can guide you to ensure you a smooth experience.

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What Will You Get With MagLoft's Basic PDF to HTML Conversion Service?

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Don't worry. MagLoft offer three different kind of PDF to HTML Content Conversion Service, that will help you seamlessly convert your PDF into a responsive HTML, suitable for all mobile devices. Click the button below to learn more

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