Manage Everything From Your Digital Publishing Portal

Easily manage one or multiple publications through the online Publishing Portal.  Access readers, subscribers, apps, push notifications, analytics and more from anywhere using your web browser.


500+ Apps Built And 12,000+ Issues Published

Access All Your Publishing Tools From One Dashboard

Our sleek publishing portal makes it easy for you to manage every aspect of your publications.

Benefits Of Managing Your Publications With Our Publishing Portal

Having all of your publication activities centered in one place saves you a lot of time and helps you stay focused.


Increase Efficiency By Connect MagLoft Platform To Your Website

✅ Use our plugin to connect your MagLoft portal to your website- readers and purchases created in your website are sync automatically to our platform

✅ Allow your readers to consume your content on their native mobile apps immediately after purchase on website

✅ No need to manually import your reader’s data from your website

In this digital era, having a good website is as important as having a platform specific for managing your products and publications. However, constantly having to work on both platforms simultaneously is a lot of work. By connecting your website with our platform, you can save 50% of your time that would otherwise be spent manually importing data.


Content, User, And Reader Management

✅ Manage all of your magazine issues and articles in one place

✅ Track your readers and subscriptions list

✅ Provide access and different level of authority for your team members so you can work on the publication all at the same time

Gone are the days where you have to use multiple platforms just to manage your digital magazines. With MagLoft, you can easily keep track of your content, readers and subscriptions list. We also support user management where your teammates will be able to work on your magazine based on their access role.


Save Time And Money With Our All-In-One Solution

✅ No technical skill required as our team takes care of everything

✅ Our state-of-the-art TypeLoft editor helps you create powerful content

✅ Our team is constantly improving our platform and services to provide you with the latest technology and design

From content creation platform to app designer, bug fixes to app updates, our team takes care of it all. All you need to do is just focus on what matters most- your content. 


Get Started For Free

✅ Create a free account to start using all the tools and features.

✅ Test drive MagLoft to learn more about the tools and features for digital publishers.

✅ You don't need to pay to get access and start learning.

We want to give you the best possibility to try out MagLoft before committing financially. We are convinced that you have found the perfect solution for your digital publishing needs, and we understand that you need time to dive in and learn the tools first. That’s why we offer a completely free registration without asking for credit card information.


Customer Support

✅ Enjoy our amazing support from our customer success team

✅ Get answers and support within minutes using our live chat

✅ We go above and beyond to service our customers

We are proud to have our customers and partners rate our customer support as high as they do. We believe in mutually beneficially partnerships and it’s in our best interest that you receive the best support you can get.

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