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Why Publishers Need FlexPDF

Happy readers stay longer, read more and come back again!

Time Spent Reading

is increased up to 120%! Readers stay longer when they enjoy the content and format they are reading.

Articles per Visit

is increased by up to 45%! Readers visit more of your articles when it's easy to navigate and read.

Return Visits

is increased by up to 65%! This means readers want more of your content and return after their first visit.

Who We Are

We have been building tools for publishers since 2014 and tried all the "pdf to html" tools available. None of them are any good, so we decided to build the best for publishers and give it to you for free.

Magloft Team
Step 1

1. Upload PDF

Simply drop your PDF file into the upload field or select it from your computer.

Step 2

2. Extract Content

You can click on any images and text within your PDF to convert it into an article format that looks great on mobile devices.

Step 3

3. Share your results

You can export to HTML, use an embed code to place on your website, and share via a link we generate.

Use FlexPDF Now

It's 100% Free and uses your brand.


Embed on Your Website

You can generate an embed code to place your converted content on your website. No FlexPDF branding is added anywhere! We Respect Your Content and Your Brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered.

FlexPDF is 100% free, you can convert up to 100 pages without registering. Create a free account to unlock the full power of FlexPDF and unlimited PDF page conversions.

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