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Pastry Arts Magazine Testimonial

"Coming from a culinary background with no prior experience in publishing magazines, I was searching for a digital publishing solution and found MagLoft. I had created Entrepreneurial Chef which is 100% digital with them before and very happy with the results. So I duplicated – almost to a “T” – of what I did to create Pastry Arts Magazine. Not only we’re able to publish our second magazine easily, we’ve also grown our subscribers to 12,000 in 5 months from scratch!"
Shawn Wenner
Shawn Wenner
President & Chief Editor, Pastry Arts Magazine

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Sales is an important part of any business and as the publishing industry shifts to digital, there are many different ways for publishers to gain more revenue. You can now do that easily by selling individual issues and subscriptions using In-App Purchases features on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Amazon Store.

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Use your own developer accounts to remain in 100% control of your apps,  revenue, and brand! Most of our competitors will force you to get your apps published under their developer accounts, building their brand and keeping you out of control of your App Store listing.

We have heard from many publishers moving to MagLoft that they are not able to transfer their apps because their previous provider either can’t or won’t release the app from their developer accounts.

Customer Support

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