executive Investment summary

One Line Pitch

MagLoft is raising USD $250,000 for investing in sales and marketing expansion and to hire key roles for business and technology development.

Business Summary

MagLoft builds iOS, Android and Web apps for publishers that need to move from print and Adobe to responsive and interactive HTML5 using our automatic converters and visual drag & drop editor.

Present Position

MagLoft has been selling and supporting solutions to customers for 3 years while continuously improving our service and solutions. MagLoft is a bootstrapped, pre-investment revenue stage startup. The company has serviced many customer segments from indie to enterprises and is now targeting professional Adobe publishers who are seeking alternatives.

IPR Position/strategy

MagLoft has developed it’s own software and owns the IP.

Sales And Marketing

MagLoft has generated positive ROI on paid marketing channels like Adwords and Facebook Ads. Currently seeking to explore partner and ambassador relations in Singapore, Australia, United States, United Kingdom and Indonesia.

Financial Information (USD)

Customers pay $99-$299 for a monthly subscription. Currently supporting 100 customers and expect that number to double in the next 12 months.

Company: MagLoft Pte. Ltd.
Country of Incorporation: Singapore
Date of Incorporation: May 4th 2015

Stage of Development: Revenue
Investment Required: USD $250,000
Previous Investment: USD $0
Sector: Media, Technology, SaaS
Skills Sought: Sales, Marketing

2016:     USD $68,000
2017:     USD $84,000
2018:     USD $150,000 (estimate)

Financial Year::
May 2015 – April 2016

Revenue:       $66,000
Expenses:     $33,000
Profit:            $33,000

Employees: 1

First paid product launched on January 2014. Secured project with Yahoo! Singapore in 2015.

Financial Year:
May 2016 – April 2017

Revenue:       $84,000
Expenses:     $99,000
Profit:            -$15,000

Employees: 5

Invested heavily in product development and team. Secured Prudential as client.






Target Market: Opportunity

There is an estimate of 20.000 registered magazine titles worldwide and an additional 50.000 that are not registered and tracked. In Europe, Canada, Australia, Singapore and the US there are 20.000 magazine titles. In addition there are 50,000 international enterprises and similar opportunities worldwide.

Managment & Shareholding

Nicholas John Martin, CEO: Digital Marketing Experimentalist with 15 years of Internet Marketing experience and 10 years of online publishing experience with WordPress. Has published and marketed 100+ small to medium websites.

Tobias Strebitzer, CTO: Full stack hacker, product design, backend development, user interface and everything in between. Fluent in 20+ programming languages. Wrote his first program at age 6 to track his allowance.

Alexander Knight, Ambassador: Experienced international media and property professional. With nearly 25 years of experience in media and real estate sales & marketing, Alex has worked with leading brands across the world to get their products sold to the right people.

Uttam Chopra, Advisor: Head of Partner Integration (APAC), Expedia Inc. and former Director of Product Management Yahoo, Singapore.