How MagLoft Works

MagLoft is a SaaS (software as a service) solution and provides you with the magazine app, our publishing portal and an easy way to upload your content or create it using our drag and drop HTML5 editor!

Getting started is easy

Simply upload your existing PDF document or use our drag and drop editor.

Upload Your PDF

Thumbnail page navigation automatically created and links are converted to clickable hyperlinks.

Make it Interactive

Optionally add interactive elements like audio, video and image sliders to your PDF pages.

Custom Design

Optionally create interactive and responsive HTML5 pages using drag and drop or code.

Let us help

When it comes to customizing and submitting your magazine app to Apple and Google, the MagLoft team is here for help.

We can save you a lot of time and frustration as we are very experienced with submitting apps to Apple and Android.

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Your own 100% branding

You can customize your app so it displays your logo, colors and brand. There is absolutely no MagLoft branding added anywhere. We wouldn't want to have it any other way ourselves.

Your magazine will also be published through your own developer accounts for Apple and Android. The MagLoft team is also available to help you with your branding.

Start Your Magazine For Free

Register for a free MagLoft account and only pay after you have tested our system and you are ready to publish your digital magazine! We want you to feel great about MagLoft before you pay us anything.

Step 1.
Register for a free account

Step 2.
Start creating your content

Step 3.
Customize your magazine

MagLoft is risk free to try!

Create your content, design your app and prepare to go live with a free registration.

We only ask for a subscription when you are ready to publish your apps in Apple & Google app stores!
On top of that, you have our 30 days 100% money back guarantee on all plans!

Explore Features

All the tools and features you need to create awesome magazines!

Create fully responsive content that reads perfectly on any device and orientation.

It's super important that your content is easily readable on smartphones and tablets. The regular PDF replica magazine is unreadable on smartphones and it leaves readers with a poor impression of your publication. With responsive design, your content will resize and scale automatically to fit any device size, resolution and orientation.

Notify your readers about newly published issues and send targeted notifications

Push notifications is a powerful feature to re-engage your readers and remind them to come back and read your magazine.

Background Issue Downloading

Send push notifications that automatically and instantly start downloading new issues in the background. This way readers can access new content without having to wait for it to download.

Advanced Targeting

Reach out to readers that have yet to subscribe and remind them of your special subscription offers.

Customize your native iOS and Android apps using our visual online app builder

Design your apps using your own colors, graphics and typographies quickly and easily using our online visual app builder. Your apps will be 100% branded to you and there is no mention of MagLoft anywhere.

Customize your app and design it just the way you like it before you send it to the app stores. If you want to change something later just submit a new app design and it will automatically get created and submitted to the app stores.

Enrich your content and make it come alive with audio, video, slideshows and more interactive widgets.

Static content is boring and your readers will quickly realize that. Flipping through a PDF isn't very exciting and you need to add more fun content to keep readers engaged.

Audio & Video Widgets

The standard for interactive content today is audio and video. This is a great start which adds life to your publication, but why stop there?

Sliders, Animations & Games!

Anything that can be built for the web can be used in your magazines! Be it simple slideshows, animations or even games. With MagLoft there are no limits to what you can create and we are also compatible with content from other programs like Tumult Hype and even Unity3D!

Fully Automated App Building Process

We have created a fully automated app creation and submission process that is quick and easy for you to use. No technical setup is required from your part as our system does all the hard work.

Save Time & Money!

It's way too expensive to hire a developer to build your apps and you don't have the time to explain and wait for them to finish. Simply select a few options in MagLoft and click the submit button ... bam! We take care of all the technical setup of your apps for you.