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Turn your PDF files into online digital magazines that work in browsers and on mobile.


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All the features you need to publish and create digital magazines online for free!


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Publish your online digital magazine in just a few short minutes! Just upload your PDF!


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MagLoft is a complete and powerful system for managing your online digital magazines.

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Upload your own graphics to make the online magazine your own. Click on the MagLoft online magazine image below to experience what your online magazine could look like!

Add Interactive Elements Like Video & Audio To Your Digital Magazine


After you upload your PDF you can use our powerful editor to add interactive elements to your pages. Audio and Video will play directly on the pages so you keep your readers in your online magazine.


Free Online Magazine Publishing

It’s completely free to get started with your online magazine. You can create as many digital magazines as you need with your free MagLoft account.


Get Published Instantly

It will only take you a few minutes to get your account setup and then you can start publishing your online magazine issues instantly.


Customize Your Free Online Magazine

With your free online magazine account you can customize the icon and the header graphic to make it match your design and style.


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Your readers can share your online digital magazine on popular social media sites with the click of a button.


Advance Options Available

If you require more advanced features then you can upgrade your account and get reader registration/login, use your own URL, sell issues, remove MagLoft branding and more!

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