From Paper To Pixel: Why Pika Tablet Choses MagLoft To Bring Magazines Into The Digital Era

When tablets were first introduced and newspapers began to crumble, Yannis was grateful for having recognized the changing tides early on.

“We’re magazine designers who made a swift transition to digital when print started to fall” he recalls. Now as General Manager of Pika Tablet, a growing creative agency specializing in digital publishing solutions, he’s confident he made the right decision.

According to Adobe, there was a 700% increase in magazine downloads during 2011-2013. This was during a time when the traditional versions were put to test. This fact empowers our belief that the choice to be active in the field of digital publishing

700% increase in magazine download

So when Pika Tablet made the leap from paper to pixels, choosing instead to focus on the growing tablet market starting in 2010, they knew they wanted to keep design at their core but still provide a software foundation for customers that was flexible.

We believe design comes first, and app development comes second. We provide sophisticated solutions based on clients needs, including helping them choose a digital publishing platform and taking 100% of what each platform has to offer.

With an experience design team and lots of magazines eager to get online, they began looking for a strong software platform to help customers make that transition. They turned to MagLoft, a leading software solution of digital publishing tools.

Digital Publishing Tools

MagLoft provides the “under the hood” tools that lets publishing houses and magazines publish their own beautiful and interactive magazines for the web, tablets, and mobile devicesWhat separates them from the rest, says Yannis, is the strong technical team behind the product.

MagLoft offered powerful support from the start. They we’re always available to help and work around solutions. You can’t find that kind of support anywhere else.

But the biggest strength of the MagLoft platform, says Yannis, is the outstanding value that allows them to do business in a challenging market like Greece.

Their honest pricing is what attracted us. Greece is slowly entering the digital era, so we prefered to support clients by providing them Magloft because it was important for us to help clients without having to invest huge amount of money and risk.

magloft's honest pricing

Which is what makes MagLoft the top choice for independent magazines with tight budgets or for those just starting out, he continues:

Magloft is the best platform for indie publishers. And there are thousands of indies out there! When it comes to customers, publishing costs are always top of mind. MagLoft plans are unbeatable. On top of this – they provide a solid mobile app publication.

The key differentiator says Yannis, is their longevity and industry commitment.

We’ve been in the digital publishing business since the iPad launched 6 years ago. We’ve seen startups offering affordable solutions come and go, but MagLoft, they’ve been around for years, and are here to stay and are real pros!

MagLoft has been around for years

Offering world-class support, affordable pricing and a commitment to thousands of independent magazine publishers to provide best of breed technology, customers like Pika Tablet choose MagLoft for all their digital publishing needs.

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