How Pastry Arts Magazine Copies And Multiplies The Success Of Its Predecessor With MagLoft

After the success of his first magazine with MagLoft, Shawn Wenner saw the gap in the pastry magazine scene. There’s potential in the niche, yet there weren’t many pastry magazines circulating in 2018.

In the meantime, his reputation in the culinary industry precedes him and he was approached by a desert magazine to help them revamp their publication. With a new team supporting him in his second venture, he solved the problem of creating the content, but he’s got the challenge to monetize the publication and increase their revenue. He then decided to copy the digital strategy for Entrepreneurial Chef – including the apps and implemented it in his new magazine, ‘Pastry Arts’. Through his experience and leveraging our technology, Shawn was able to bring an even bigger success. Just within 5 months, he was able to gain 12,000 subscribers from scratch and ultimately build a media empire named Rennew Media.

MagLoft Case Study: Pastry Arts Magazine

The Journey

 In 2018, 2 years after he founded Entrepreneurial Chef, Shawn Wenner found that there had been several print magazines in pastry niche but they all stopped printing. This provides him an opportunity to create a new digital magazine to fill the gap and tap the potentials that have yet to be fully capitalized. Shawn already has refined digital strategy and more experience from growing his first magazine and realized the importance of digital publishing technology. He also wanted to create beyond a website and digital magazine, but a full-scale platform for the pastry and baking community which brings him a new challenge. Could he repeat the success of Entrepreneurial Chef magazine and overcome another technical challenge to establish Pastry Arts Magazine?

Copy Paste The Apps And Their Success

Pastry Arts Magazine began when Shawn was approached by the team of a desert magazine that was on a brink of collapse and agreed to use their content collaboration. From there, the homework was to build new sophisticated web and mobile apps as well as utilizing customer acquisition and customer retention tools. With MagLoft platform’s ease of use and stellar customer support team, Shawn was able to duplicate Entrepreneurial Chef’s mobile apps, Sales and CRM tools without problems. One of the features that he heavily relies on is the Facebook App Integration which gives him insights on Pastry Arts Magazine’s app installs, app launches and in-app purchases using the data from Facebook.  

“I duplicated—almost to a “T”—exactly what I did with Entrepreneurial Chef and built Pastry Arts Magazine”

MagLoft Case Study

Now that he overcame the technical challenges and with a team to assist him in his second venture as a digital publisher, Shawn was able to build and scale-up Pastry Arts Magazine in no time. He was quickly able to secure brand partners, contributors, and had resources to scale – and scale he did. Just in 5 months, he was able to gain 12,000 subscribers from scratch and in 7 months he acquired 1,500 paid subscribers. Today, Pastry Arts Magazine is an established digital magazine with 15,000 subscribers, 50,000 social media followers, 125,000 website visitors, 2,000 monthly downloads for his podcast, and 1,700 Facebook group members. Shawn wasn’t just repeating his success from his first magazine, he was building a media empire under the umbrella of Rennew Media with Pastry Arts Magazine and Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine being the notorious names of it.

MagLoft Case Study: Pastry Arts Magazine

Pastry Arts is a perfect example of how persistence, continuous experiment, learning experience, and the right tools and resources would lead to a huge success. Shawn was able to identify a big opportunity in the market, developed an even more effective digital strategy based on his previous experience, leveraged MagLoft’s solutions and created success not only for him but also for the team that he collaborated with. Just like what we’ve done for Pastry Arts Magazine, MagLoft loves to support passionate publishers who want to bring their magazines to even bigger success. Book a call with us or sign up for an account to start your own success story today!  

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