Ki Book Club Book Summaries Case Study

Are you constantly torn from wanting to read good, interesting books, but just can’t seem to spare the 3 hours because you always have dozens of other things to do?

This is where Ki Book Club steps in.


When starting Ki Book Club, Toth Technology only has one goal in mind: to provide people with elite-summaries of books with real depth information. ‘Quality over quantity’ was their motto. All of their summaries were carefully and thoroughly packed with key information that the author of the book was trying to convey.

With several hundreds of subscribers listed from just their website, it doesn’t seem like Ki Book Club is stopping anytime soon. However, Rob and Travis —  the co-founders of Toth Technology — feels like they need to offer something more to their audience so that they can grow even bigger without being overwhelmed with the readers’ management. So they start looking for a platform that can help them distribute their hundreds of summaries catalog to their hundreds of subscribers.

And this is where MagLoft joins Ki Book Club’s journey.


Although many digital publishing platforms limit and charge their users based on how many book titles they offer, MagLoft has always offered unlimited book titles/files for their users, even on a free plan. This makes Ki Book Club’s first step of migrating their massive content to MagLoft a breeze.

After seeing how the platform works, Ki Book Club decided to jump in and fully partnered with MagLoft as their digital publishing platform.

“We love the product, and we love working with you. Everyone comments on the excellence of the iOS app. You have implemented our suggestions as changes and help docs. You are always very responsive in messages, deliverables have always come quickly.”


No one likes a lagging app, right? This was the real challenge Ki Book Club has faced when starting with MagLoft, especially with the amount of titles they offer. Although MagLoft has struggled a bit with the app optimization, our product development team did not give up until we finally gave Ki Book Club their much-raved app now.

“We hope to build our business around MagLoft for years to come.”

Just like what we’ve done for Ki Book Club, MagLoft loves to support passionate publishers who want to bring their e-books stores to even bigger success. Book a call with us or sign up for an account to start your own success story today!

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