How We Helped Consolidate 80 Individual Apps For Phaidon Press

Their Head of Digital, Bavish Shah first came to us several years ago asking for help with their digital publishing solution for their book “Wallpaper City Guides.” Each guide focuses on architecture, art and design in different cities

Due to changes made by the Apple App Store we were forced to search for solutions that could help us migrate 80 individual city guide apps into a single master app. Luckily we found MagLoft!

This is where MagLoft comes in. We developed a special content design that helped them consolidate all apps into one awesome app that allowed their readers to browse and purchase multiple city guides from.It must’ve taken Phaidon forever to redesign their content right?Wrong. Come on guys, keep up! We’re nerds here at MagLoft remember?All they had to do was share their structured data for each issue (city, locations, restaurants, reviews, maps, images, etc.) We then built them a converter that would automatically take this data and convert it into the content design that we created for them.

Thanks to the MagLoft team, we were able to quickly launch a new app that looked amazing and also allowed us to publish individual city guides as mini books inside the master app instead of individual apps. MagLoft were able to take our structured data and create amazing page layouts for several different advanced page layouts.


Additional Benefits For Consolidating Apps

By creating a  centralised app that significantly reduced production and maintenance costs, it helped to empower their business model and purchase flow to allow cross selling, bundle pricing and app retention. All content was able to be managed in the MagLoft portal, this helped Phaidon optimise their time to market for new publications with minimal effort required.

Before the change, we had to submit app updates for each city guide app when we wanted to update our content. This was an incredibly slow and painful way of updating apps. Now with our MagLoft solution, we can publish changes to our app and content instantly! This is a HUGE benefit and time saver for us.


In addition to all the benefits above, with their new MagLoft solution in place, Phaidon can now generate responsive content that looks and reads great on any device, size and orientation! This is why we love HTML formats over static formats like PDF. With HTML you can create more interactive and responsive designs which look great on all devices.

Before our move to MagLoft we had to develop separate apps for smartphones and tablets in order to make the content look good. Now we don’t have to worry about a secondary design for additional devices. We can create it once and use it everywhere!


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