How Kandy Mag Increase Issue Security And App Rating With MagLoft

Kandy Mag is America’s top ranked men’s magazine app since 2014. Kandy has launched and resurrected the most female modeling careers this decade. That is a fact.

With the desire to be a worldwide recognized brand, Kandy Mag’s Managing Partner and Editor in Chief, Ron Kuchler, was constantly looking for the best digital solution for their publications. 

Due to the nature of their content, there are people all over the internet constantly trying to hack their app and stealing PDF content. This, and their then-provider’s lack of action has cost them more money than they could manage. This problem drove Ron to look for another provider for Kandy Mag’s digital magazine.



Imagine working extensively on creating a magazine issue: working out the concept, arranging photoshoots, writing and editing articles, designing layouts — only to have someone else steal it and redistribute it for free all over the internet. No one at Kandy Mag had to imagine it, because it was already happening on a regular basis for them.Security was the biggest problem, and the biggest focus for Ron when looking for another provider. The constant app hack and people stealing PDF content for free redistribution has cost Kandy Mag a lot of money. On top of that, Ron felt that Kandy Mag’s then-provider was not doing enough to help them with the hacking problem- therefore not giving Kandy Mag enough value for what it was.Internally, Apple’s constant change of screen sizes has also created a problem of its own. It was very hard to make images that fit all screen sizes and Ron was convinced that their constant effort to create the best visual display is not just achievable.In order to maximize their income and profit, Ron then decided to look for another provider that, first and foremost, can help solve their security problems.

Partnership With MagLoft

After extensive research on the internet, comparing multiple platforms, business models, and costs, Ron has decided to try and bring Kandy Mag over to MagLoft.

“There is no solution out there that can be compared to MagLoft”

Although security was the main issue that they’re looking to solve, Ron found himself to be very pleased with all of the features that MagLoft offers. In addition to secure issues, which drove their subscriptions and in-app purchases back up, Kandy Mag also benefited with MagLoft’s ‘flat rate’ solution. Ron is convinced that for the money, there is no solution out there that can be compared to MagLoft.

Kandy Mag MagLoft Case Study

MagLoft’s Analytics solution helps Kandy Mag check and control everything in one platform. And one of MagLoft’s latest features, Articles, has helped Kandy Mag to provide shorter content more frequently to their users that increase their engagement rate.

After using MagLoft for a while, Ron noticed that their app rating has gone way up than previous. When asked to rate their app, their US readers gave 4.6/5.0 while their global readers give 4.4/5.0 with 92% approval. For Ron, and the rest of the Kandy Mag team, this app rating and approval is a testament to MagLoft’s quality product.

MagLoft case study Kandy Mag

With its mobile-first focus, simplicity and great customer service, Ron feels that Kandy Mag is getting so much value out of MagLoft. 

“Even if I had to upgrade to MagLoft’s Business Plan, I would still see it as a great value. I would recommend MagLoft 10 out of 10.”

Just like what we’ve done for Kandy Mag, MagLoft loves to support passionate publishers who want to bring their magazines to even bigger success. Book a call with us or sign up for an account to start your own success story today!

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