“I guess I’m going to Bali then,” was my first thought when I received my offer letter from MagLoft. It was an exciting opportunity for me. Not only because I’ve never been to Bali before (well maybe once when I was in junior high, but I have almost zero memories of what happened during that period of time in my life). But also because I’ve never really worked in an office setting before. At this point, I had always been working remotely and freelancing.

I took the position as Customer Support Champion and Digital Marketing, which I’m already half-familiar with. But why would I take another job doing the same thing I had been doing? Well, my original intention of coming to MagLoft was simple. I want to learn digital marketing, and I want to know how it feels living in Bali.

So how does it feel?

Coming here was not what I expected at all. Let’s address the most important thing first: Bali is so HOT. On the first day, I apparently missed the memo and made a mistake of wearing what I thought would be a normal work attire: a shirt, cardigan, jeans, and sneakers while everyone else is wearing tees and shorts with flip flops.

On top of being nervous meeting so many new people and trying to absorb as much new knowledge as possible, I remember feeling like my whole being was melting on that first day.

Now I won’t bore you with any of the work details, but I am having fun learning a lot of new things at MagLoft. It is tiring, of course, but to me it is a lot better than being bored. I do feel like there’s so much room for growth for me here, and isn’t that a nice feeling?

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It’s not possible to talk about working at MagLoft without mentioning Livit. Livit is a co-working (used to be a co-living as well) space that takes care of the companies they work with so they can focus on their work in the best work environment possible. While the office benefits is not bad at all (free meals three times a day and free laundry? half of adulting problems solved!), but what impressed me the most is the community that they’ve built out here.

It has been more or less a month since I started here at MagLoft. While it doesn’t feel like I’ve been here that long, it also feels like I’ve known the people here longer. I surely look forward to many more months to come!

I originally wanted to write this blog post and showing some pictures that I have taken during my first days here. But if you shoot analog or film photography like me, you already know that sometimes light leaks, burnt films, and slow lab got in the way of our awesomeness.

Analog photographer who works at a company promoting content-digitization? Sometimes life takes you to unexpected places, doesn’t it? 🙂

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