For the months of June and July, our team has been listening closely to our publishers to answer these questions,

“How do our publishers define success?”

“How can MagLoft’s Universal App help publishers stand out of the crowd and reach success?”

MagLoft has helped over 500 publishers since 2014, and the Universal App is an extraordinary, out-of-the-box product built and developed based on their recommendations and feedback. 

Features that are currently not available in the Universal App, can be built as a part of a custom development project or you can share your suggestions on our feature request board.

In addition to that, we have launched a new landing page that you can access HERE. We would appreciate it if you can take a quick look and share your thoughts and feedback about the new landing page by replying to this email.

Upload Custom Fonts to your Universal App Admin

Upload custom fonts to your MagLoft's Universal App

Yes, you read that correctly. 

We understand how valuable fonts are in your publication design and branding. 

Starting this month, you can easily upload custom fonts in .otf, .ttf, and .woff formats, directly on Tools > Custom Fonts page in your Universal App Admin.

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Add Custom Fields When You Import your Reader’s List

Previously, you could only import your reader’s information using the templated fields pre-set in MagLoft. Now, you can create custom data fields and add these to your readers via import by adding a “custom_” column into your CSV file.

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That’s it for now! You can see all the other implemented and upcoming features for the Universal App on our Updates Page


The MagLoft Team.

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