We at MagLoft are constantly working to improve the experience of you and your customers. While a bulk of our updates and changes are so behind the scenes that you don’t even notice, from time to time we implement some pretty noticeable functionalities.

For simplicity’s sake, we’ll club the updates into two broad categories: general changes, and money stuff. So without further ado, here are a few updates that we’re sure will improve your experience as a MagLoft user.

General Updates

Here are a few subtle but important changes that’ll make you happy!

Web App Registration Confirmation Link

You know that annoying 3 step process where you sign up for something, then you’re asked to confirm your email, then clicking on the confirmation email opens another tab just to say you’ve been confirmed? You might be eagerly waiting for what comes after signing up, but are forced to navigate back to the old tab, refresh the page, and so on and so forth.

It’s a tiny thing, but it always gets your goat. That’s why we skipped the whole roundabout process. On signing up to MagLoft, clicking the link in the confirmation email will automatically log you into the web-app. There is nothing for you to set up or change, this works automatically now.


Skip The Issue Preview Screen

Issues can now be read or purchased directly from the shelf. Just click on the icon to do so,and skip the Issue Preview screen entirely!

Look And Feel

While we’ve always attempted to keep MagLoft as simple as possible, there’s obviously always room for improvement. With that in mind, we’ve rolled out some improvements to the interface of our dashboard.

These changes have been made to the login and account dialogs.  Readers can look up their current subscription details and transaction history in the improved Account dialog through the newly added “Subscriptions” and “Purchases” tabs.

With all that covered, let’s dive into the next category of changes.

Money Stuff

Credit Card MagLoft Updates

We’ve made some significant improvements to our payments processing, so let’s take a look at the major ones.

PayPal Support!

Yes, you read that right — your readers can now purchase their favorite magazines using PayPal. We were aware for a long time that PayPal is very popular as a people find it super easy to use.

Hopefully with this update rolled out, it’ll be even easier for your fans to buy your issues. At the moment, PayPal is only available for single-issue purchases (as opposed to subscriptions). We’ll update this post to reflect any changes to that as soon as there’s more news.

Credit Card Subscriptions in Web App

This is an update we’re really excited about — we’ve rolled out full support for paid subscriptions via credit card in the web app. This means your readers can sign up for recurring subscriptions of your magazines on the web app, just like they could in your native apps.

If your readers are logged in to the magazine mobile apps, purchasing web app subscriptions will also unlock issues in the mobile apps.

Shopping Cart for Multiple Issues

MagLoft now has a shopping cart! Readers can now add multiple issues to their cart and “check out” or purchase them all together.

An added benefit of this is that it significantly reduces the processing fees charged by Stripe or PayPal.

Instant Credit Card Checkout

When purchasing issues, the credit-card checkout will start instantly after logging in or creating an account. Earlier, readers had to click the purchase button again to proceed with the purchase after login/signup.

Get in Touch With Your Feedback

Everything we decide to do at MagLoft if prioritized based on customer feedback. We’d be very eager to hear your thoughts on these changes, as we’ve been working on them in stealth mode for several months now.

It’s always exciting to announce new updates and features, but it’s even more exciting to hear back from you. Whether you want to give us an awesome idea for a new feature, or simply tell us which of these updates you’re most excited about, just head to the comments section below!


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