Are you a university looking into publishing your own magazine? Having a university magazine is not an obligation but it would be a great benefit if you have one. As a part of mass media, a magazine can spread messages to many people simultaneously using the very creative content. It will be a good advantage for a university to send messages to their students and other members. Aside from spreading messages, a university magazine is also able to boost the university’s brand or image. Increasing the image also make the university stand out among other universities.

In fact, having a university magazine is not as easy as it seems. One of the drawbacks is its budget. The university boards usually more focus on the educational purposes for their students and lecturers. But this problem can be solved by using a digital publishing platform. No one is saying that a university magazine must be a print version. So, having a digital magazine for a university won’t be a problem at all.

The lack of the idea is also a thing that stands between having a university magazine and not. If there are no people who want to work on the magazine, it could be a disaster as well. However, if there are great ideas, having a university magazine won’t be just a dream. Let’s start to brainstorm what content that can be suitable for starting a university magazine.

Students and Lecturers Journal

This could be a great idea to start a university magazine. As students and lecturers, they are usually advised to do some researches and make reports afterwards. They are commonly called journals. By featuring these journals in the magazine, they will be read by more students and lectures even by the ones who don’t write the journals.

This is what Petra Christian University does. They have their internal magazine named Scriptura which has a collection of Communication Science Journals written by their lecturers. This magazine has helped their students to get their references every time they need for their assignments.  It also gives more knowledge to those who read it.

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University and Faculty News

It may seem boring with all the journals in one magazine. But you can always add other content as well. University and faculty news can be a great idea to be featured in your university magazine. Thus, all members of the university can be aware of what is happening and what event is going to be held at the university.

Aside from news, a content to introduce each university member can be done as well. The university members can know each other by then. As mentioned before, one of the characteristics of a magazine is its ability to spread information to a lot of people at the same time.

University of Hawaii does exactly such a thing. Its online magazine named Ke Kalahea contains a lot of information about the university activities such as the university’s new policies and a new coach for their soccer teams. Therefore, all university members will be aware of what happens in their university.

Other Miscellaneous Things

Having a university magazine doesn’t mean all content must be educational. One of the perks of having a magazine is its awesome content. You can have full-colour content along with the amazing pictures in a magazine. Thus, they should show in a university magazine as well.

A university magazine can contain any news other than the ones from its own university. Economic, Entertainment, Sports news can be a great idea. Amazing photos from the students can be added as well in the magazine. There is no limit for you to create an amazing content for your university magazine.

Better yet, if the magazine is in a digital version, it can be more various and interactive with video and music inserted in its issues. One of the digital publishing platforms that can help to provide all interactivities for your magazine is MagLoft. With our state of the art editor named TypeLoft, those interactives such as videos, sounds, and links can be done in a very easy way which is just dragging and dropping the widgets.

MagLoft can also help all university students who want to create an online magazine for free. If that’s what you are looking for then all you need to do is clicking on this link and register for free using your email address, Google, Facebook or Twitter account. Therefore, you can design your online magazine and showcase your content right from your web app. Share the web app URL to others so they also can indulge themselves with the amazing content of yours.

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