The global market for digital magazine publishing has a value of over $34 billion. Digital publications are growing in popularity, reaching a bigger, more diverse audience. For those in the know, it is a great opportunity to make a generous amount of passive income.  

But learning how to monetize a digital magazine may seem complicated. It can be overwhelming to know all the different ways to generate revenue.

Don’t worry though! This article is here to break down five of the best ways to make money online through your digital magazine.

We will cover advertising and sponsored content, plus how affiliate marketing works. There are also suggestions for creating passive income with subscriptions and mailing lists. 

1. Advertising 

The most popular way to make money for digital magazines is through advertising. There are different formats that you could choose from when it comes to advertising.

You can integrate adverts into full-page spreads, as in traditional print magazines. These can look great and can capture readers’ attention. 

An alternative is to add banner adverts, leaderboards, and more. These integrate with Google AdSense. So they are ideal to generate revenue without much effort.

Ad sizes should be dependent on the devices your customers access the content on. Mobile devices will need to have smaller ads or pop-ups so they don’t distract from the content. But readers viewing it on a large computer screen, have more space and so more flexibility. 

The best part is if you have high reader traffic, more companies will approach you to work together. So you won’t have to find them yourself. 

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2. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is a lucrative way to make money online with your digital magazine. It works in a similar way to advertising, but usually with a single business partner. This solo party will buy an entire section of your content. 

For a digital magazine, this is usually in the form of a guest article. To attract more sponsorships, you can offer packages for prospective partners. This encourages them to buy several articles, which is beneficial for everyone involved!

3. Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to generate passive income is to use affiliate marketing. This is where you can promote other related products or services via links in your articles. Then if the reader clicks through and makes a purchase, you get a commission for each sale. 

Depending on the company or product you will earn different amounts on each sale. But if your digital magazine has a large readership, then this will generate a lot of extra income.

There are lots of ways that you can find affiliate companies to work with. You can join affiliate networks or online forums, and connect through social media.

The best way to check which companies will generate you the most income is to check your analytics. This way you can see the demographic of your readers, such as age, gender, and location. Use this information to see what kinds of products or services will get the most clicks. 

4. Subscription Plans

Another great way to make money is by becoming a subscription service. A loyal fan base who contributes to the magazine every month will lift your magazine to the next level. 

A monthly income is a lot more consistent than sponsorships or advertisement deals. It will allow you to have a bigger marketing budget and diversify your content due to more resources.

Subscriptions provide a unique opportunity to create long-term relationships with your fan base.

You can provide them with exclusive extra content, early releases, and more. This makes readers feel they are getting more for their money. This is the key to encouraging customer loyalty in the long term.

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5. Mailing Lists

The last way you can make money online is through a mailing list for your readers. They present the opportunity to advertise and sell products relating to your magazine. You can also give updates and other important information about your magazine.

If you are running live events, then you can promote and sell tickets through your newsletter. You can also share discounts and deals on subscriptions or products like merchandise. 

They also have the potential to reach a wider audience. This is because people often sign up to mailing lists without having interacted with your content yet. This is a great way to draw people into reading your digital magazine through other channels. 

Because signing up for newsletters is free, it is quick and easy to grow your mailing list. For example, you could offer a free trial of your magazine subscription when they sign up. Or a useful PDF guide on a subject related to your magazine. These are great incentives for people to join the mailing list, and they get bonus content out of it.

Learn How to Monetize a Digital Magazine Fast

Creating your own online magazines is a great way to share your content with the world! With this article, you have learned how to monetize a digital magazine to make passive income! Now you know how to integrate adverts, sponsored content, and more.

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