Responsive Table of Contents Page Built in TypeLoft

In this video I will show you how I create a responsive table of contents page using the MagLoft visual drag and drop editor called TypeLoft. It’s very easy to create responsive content using TypeLoft as it does this by default 🙂

The table of contents page of your digital magazine needs to give readers a clear overview of what to expect in your issue. PDF issues don’t do so well here as they are meant for print, and typically look much too small on smartphone devices. When we create a responsive table of contents page it can still look great on tablets. It will however look and read great on smartphones as well, as the content will collapse into a single column.

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Here is what we will cover in this responsive table of contents page video

  • working with layers and background colors
  • how to use content blocks
  • setting a background images focus
  • linking text to internal and external pages

We will continue working with Layer widgets as these are a fundamental building block of any page. We will be using these to set some background colors for our responsive table of contents page as well as paddings. You will also see how you can use Content Blocks to speed up the content creation process. You will learn how to change the focus of a background image in order to get the optimal layout. We will of course also show you how you can link from your responsive table of contents page to other pages in your digital magazine and to the Internet.

Watch The Responsive Table Of Contents Page Video

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the above video. We would love to hear if you have any suggestions for other videos that can help you in your digital magazine building process. If you have any questions about creating the responsive table of contents page please also let us know in the comments and we will clarify.

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