We have created a new responsive parallax theme that you can use when creating your digital magazine issues. Parallax is a super cool feature that makes static pages come to live. It can be very subtle and even the most subtle parallax effect can have a nice wow effect on readers. If you are not familiar with “parallax” effect it’s simply when the background (this is typically an image) moves slower compared to the foreground (usually text) when scrolling. This gives a nice scrolling effect that looks pretty cool.

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New Editorial Responsive Parallax Theme

Introducing “Editorial” our latest theme for the MagLoft drag and drop editor. This theme includes 3 pages of various parallax effects. The first two pages show a classic type of parallax scrolling effect. They both have a large image at the top of the page and the text will then scroll on top of the image. The third page contains a few more parallax effects which look really cool. One effect is where one large image scrolls into another large image with a paragraph text in between. You need to see this to really “get it”.

The theme is available to all MagLoft publishers.

Simply log in to MagLoft or register for a free account to try it out.

Convert Your PDF to Responsive Themes

We would love to hear from you regarding MagLoft themes. Do you have any suggestions for new themes? Perhaps you are stuck with your PDF issues and interested in moving over to more responsive and interactive features? In that case, please get in touch with us. We are very interested in helping PDF clients move towards responsive designs. Which is why we are offering to convert your PDF into an HTML theme for free. We normally charge $500-$1000 USD for this depending on the number of pages and complexity.

Our offer is to create 5-10 template pages for you based on your PDF files or website. We will create a custom theme only available to you that will work in our editor. Please reach out to our support team for more information.

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