1. Why does it have to be 16 questions?
Simple. I’ve been working at MagLoft for 16 days by this April 30th minus the weekends, obviously. 🙂

2. Well said, how is it going then?
It’s been great. For the first week, I felt a little overwhelmed by all new things I got but that was it. Since then, I feel amazed at learning a lot of things and you know what, time really runs fast these days. Like it was yesterday, my first day of work, and now, it’s already been 3 weeks.

3. What is the most difficult thing you had on your first day?
Remember all names. I really want to remember all of them because for me I also want others to remember mine so I need to treat them the way I want to be treated, right?

4. Can you remember all of them?
No, but I strained my memory to remember. Sometimes I talked to Christine to recall all names we’ve been introduced to, by the way, Christine is the new team member as well. Now, I can remember pretty much all of them but yeah, I will get used to it.

5. Then what is the one thing you remember most from your first day?
Nick was waiting for my meal and Christine’s to be served before we ate together. And wait, one more thing, Toby didn’t eat with us but he sat and talked with us. And also drank his juice. 🙂

6. Do you by any chance remember all the meals you all ate?
I don’t think so. I definitely can’t recall all of them. But let me try, Andina ate oatmeal with fruits and also 2 eggs. Nick ate toast with bacon and egg. I ate omelette and sausages. Christine ate egg as well, I think. I and Nick drank mango juice. I hope it is correct.

7. Okay then, what is your most favorite breakfast so far?
Without the shadow of the doubt, I say this one :

8. How about lunch? What is your most favorite?
This is tough. But I will choose one of the meals that I have the picture of. I want you can see what the lunch is so I think this one :

and please don’t ask about the dinner because I never take a picture of it. But I will give you the picture of where we spent our time during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

9. Alright, out of curiosity, why can you get 3 meals a day at work?
At MagLoft, we are collaborating with Livit. It’s like a shared office space and also a community with other startups too like Labster and Mailbird. So as startups, we can focus on what we are working on and Livit helps us with our activities and needs like meals is one of them. Other than the meal, we also have free laundry, doing sport together like badminton, futsal, yoga, and many fantastic things. Go to liv.it for further details. 🙂

10. So Livit right now is a place you work in. Is it in Gianyar?
We were at Batu Bulan but we have moved to Sanur. Like I said before, go to that link and you will see more about Livit.

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11. Any sad thing you experienced during your first 16 days?
I really want to say NO to this question. But unfortunately, there was a very distraught moment when we lost Mas Dicky. He was a Livit employee and had been working for years. He passed away as a result of an accident.

It was really sad and I still remember how Labster peeps and we from MagLoft gathered at Labster’s villa to eat together and just be together. All of us mourned for Mas Dicky and it was so blue.

12. Wow, you guys are a really great community at Livit. Then, what is your experience about the happy thing?
Everyday. Everything at MagLoft and of course, in Livit. I’m extremely happy and grateful can work with the best colleagues anyone could ask for. It is not me being an ass kisser. I only tell you what I feel.

13. Other than happy things, did you or do you find any difficulties?
I prefer not to say the difficulties. I’d rather say experiences or lessons. I embrace every lesson and experience I get ever since I started working at MagLoft. Like I said, there are a lot of new things that I learn from here. A lot of things to remember and understand. But all of them are achievable.

How I deal with all of them is by making notes because I’m a linguistic learner. Mostly I have my handwriting notes but I also use evernote. I write down everything then after work, at home, I read all of them. I’m doing it not only at MagLoft but also in my previous jobs.

14. Aha, that’s called well-prepared. What do you like the most from these 16 days?
It’s a tough question. I think I enjoy everything. But I really like when it comes to helping our customers by replying their messages. Also, when their apps become live on app store and google play store.

It’s really great when I witness all amazing contents from our clients are finally ready. They can be shared with the world. You think I’m exaggerating it but true, that what I feel.

15. So from what you were saying, you really love magazines, don’t you?
You have no idea. That’s also the reason why I apply for this job. I love magazines so much. Not all magazines, though. But yeah, I’m a subscriber for both printed and digital magazines. Some of my favorite magazines are Cinemags, People, and Times. I also have some magazine collections on a newsstand that was called Scoop, now is Gramedia Digital.

One of the reasons I really like magazines is you can create amazing contents with magazines. Even better with digital magazines like what MagLoft offers for our customers to create their own branded magazine apps. With our TypeLoft, you can create your content more interactive by using our widgets there. It is so easy, you just drag and drop. Why I even bother to explain, go see for yourself by clicking on this link.

16. Again, promoting right. So, for the last but definitely not the least question, do you have any wishes for MagLoft or maybe for yourself?
I always wish that MagLoft will have more and more users especially paid customers. Not because for the sake of our benefits, but truly, what we say on our Sign Up page is true.

We crafted MagLoft gently and with love. We want to help all our clients whose amazing contents to be published on their own branded apps. That’s why we love to listen to all our clients’ questions and suggestions. We work really hard for them. If you still don’t have an account, go to this link to create one. 🙂

For me, I wish I will be able to write the next chapter of these questions once my probation period is completed. 🙂 So, stay tuned.

For the epilogue, just a quick introduction. I’m Rafael and I’m working at MagLoft as Customer Happiness Champion who has responsibilities both in support and digital marketing.

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