PWA Early Release Updates

What You Can Do From The PWA Admin Dashboard Now

  • You can access the Editor to create content, build templates and set your publish date.
  • You can create customized design templates that you can reuse for future issues.
  • You can create standalone responsive HTML articles using our Typeloft 2.0 editor. This enables you to publish different media types (ie. video, audio file. GIF, and interactive content like this)
  • You can add standalone articles to a category.
    You can create collections of articles.
  • You can group the collections into categories.
  • You can set SEO keywords, descriptions, and check your SEO score for both standalone articles & collections.
  • You can connect your Stripe account to accept payment.
  • You can set an unlock type to a collection as either free, email opt-in, paid, or subscription.
  • You can capture your readers email using the Optin, Paid Issue, & Subscription.
  • You can manage your content and offers using our new filter functionality.
  • You can connect your Google Analytics to track your PWA performance.
  • You can connect your Facebook Pixel ID.
  • You can choose your colour scheme and update graphics.
  • You can update and display your social media links on your Homepage.
  • You can submit your feedback using the feedback function in the admin dashboard.

What Your Readers Can Now Do On Your PWA

  • Readers can access your content from their browser.
  • Readers can install your digital publication on their device(s) directly from their browser.
  • When they have the PWA installed, they can re-access the content offline.
  • Readers can enable push notifications on Android devices.
  • Readers can share your free standalone article via their social media.
  • Readers can unlock an opt-in issue by providing their email address.
  • Readers can purchase a single paid issue via Stripe.
  • Readers can subscribe to your digital publication via Stripe.
  • Readers can access their billing history via the account tab.
  • Readers can access your social media via the footer.
  • Readers can click the link to your advertisement on the homepage.

What You Can’t Do Yourself Yet, But We Can Help You With

  • MagLoft will support you to convert your PDFs into Responsive HTML content and add this to your account.
  • MagLoft will support you to customise the wording on the 2 Call-to-Action buttons: ‘Enable Push Notification’ & ‘ Sign Up’.
  • MagLoft will support you to customise the advertising blocks on your homepage.
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