From July 1st 2019 MagLoft will be introducing updated plans and pricing to new customers.

These changes will only affect new customers and Publication upgrades after July 1st 2019.

If you are an existing MagLoft customer your price will not change. You will keep your current plan and price for as long as you remain an active customer.

We will of course continue to support you as our existing clients. We truly value your decision to partner with us for your digital publishing needs. We will continue to support you as we have in the past and you will benefit from future improvements added to the platform.

To see the new pricing page click the link below:

The above page will go live and replace the current pricing page on June 17th 2019. We wanted to share it with our existing customers and users before it goes live so that you are aware of the changes.

Today we still have customers who are paying us $9/m. That was our very first subscription price, which means these customers have been with us for almost 6 years now. Thank you for the trust you showed MagLoft very early on!

This is how we choose to do business with you. It may not be the most financially solid decision looking purely from a company and growth perspective, but we respect the trust that was shown to us from very early on.

I want to stress once again, that as an existing paying customer (no matter the amount) you will not be charged extra from July 1st 2019.

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MagLoft Customer Types and New Plan Names

We are changing our plan names to better reflect the services and products that we offer. We have catered for a lot of different customer types over the years and we see it narrowing down to the following three main categories.

  1. Independent Publishers

This is where MagLoft got our start. We wanted to support independent publishers and let them have the same opportunity for growth as the biggest publishers in the business when it came to mobile publishing. We absolutely still do, but over the years we learned it was very difficult to scale and grow a business on indie publishers alone.

For independent publishers, our HTML5 web app is the perfect place to start. It’s fast and easy to setup and we have a completely free version available. With a small upgrade to those who are ready.

The new plan name to support independent publishers will be Web Publisher. This name also reflects the technology behind it and restricting it to being online only.

  1. Print Publishers

These are publishing companies and teams that are looking for the best option to move from print to digital or to add mobile apps. In most cases these publishers have budgets available to invest in new infrastructure and distribution, but are all very price alert.

Our “out of the box” mobile publishing apps are a perfect fit for this type of customer. We offer state of the art features for mobile publishers at a price point that can’t be beaten by any competitor or self development options. In addition we offer them a fully branded solution with 100% control over their apps, store listings and revenue.

A suitable name to support these types of customers is Mobile Publisher. Included in this plan is of course the web solution as there are strong synergies between web and mobile.

  1. Custom Solutions for Businesses

We have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the large brand names in the world. Companies like Yahoo, Prudential and Amway all had very specific publishing needs which MagLoft were able to provide. Custom development is always based on our core technology which we developed from scratch with all of our customers, and always with new requirements.

We love working with larger brands and companies as it allows us to bring new features and technology to our existing customers much faster. Every time we work on a custom solution the results will always flow back into the core software platform in one way or another.

We have simply named this plan Business as it spans across a wide range of solutions for businesses and agencies that require custom development and services.

Updated Pricing for New Plans

We haven’t changed a great deal when it comes to pricing the new plans. Let’s revisit the current plans and pricing and compare.

Free ($0)
Nothing changes here. The free plan will remain free and will allow publishers to publish online only.

Standard ($99) → Web ($99)
We will rename this plan to Web as it better reflects the product behind it. The price will remain the same at $99/month. We have added a few more customization options and now also allow publishers to download the HTML code so that you can embed the Web app on your website and keep it secure using your own SSL.

Professional ($199) → Mobile ($299)
We are renaming this plan to Mobile to better reflect the product it supports. The price will increase to $299/m. This plan includes support for Web, iOS, Android and Amazon. We are rolling out a new fully featured analytics platform and new mobile app designs to support this new plan. We are also including article publishing support to help you publish much more frequently.

Premium ($299) → Business ($499+)
We are renaming our premium account to Business and will be required for any client who needs custom development and API integrations.

This plan will include enterprise grade options like custom SLA, dedicated account manager, white label portal, multiple user accounts and much more. These plans will be priced based on requirements but will start from $499/m.

New Readers Limit on All Plans

We are introducing our first usage based element named Readers. Each plan will support a maximum number of registered readers. Once new customers get close to the limit of Readers their plan supports they will have the option to restrict new readers, add more readers (paid add-on) or upgrade to the next plan which has a higher Reader limit.

Readers can be defined by users who have at least one of the following:

  • registered as a reader in your apps and confirmed their email address
  • purchased a subscription or single issue

If a reader has purchased a subscription and registered in your app then it will still only count as a single reader. Customers will be able to better view and control readers from the MagLoft portal.

Readers will only come into effect after July 1st 2019 and only for new customers. If you are an existing MagLoft customer you will not have any limits on Reader accounts. You will have unlimited readers accounts for as long as you remain an active subscriber.

We are introducing Readers as a way for us to grow with our new clients. It was important for us to keep it simple and not to limit the growth opportunities for smaller publishers. Hence we have set the limits quite high with the flexibility to adjust as needed.

What Happens to My Current Plan?

If you are an existing customer before July 1st 2019 nothing will change regarding price and features. Your price is locked in for as long as you remain an active subscriber. You will also not be limited by the number of Readers which we are introducing to new customers on July 1st 2019.

We may change the name of your plan and you may find on your plan page that the price has changed, but the amount you actually pay will not change. We will do our best to illustrate this in your MagLoft portal.

I’m Not a MagLoft Customer Yet What Should I Do?

If you are not yet a paid customer but considering then you can look at these changes as an opportunity to lock down the new features at the current price. You should look at the new price plan and then just see the old (current) pricing in place of the new updated pricing. That’s essentially the opportunity you have before July 1st 2019 when the new prices are in effect.

You will be able to purchase the Mobile Plan at a discounted $199 instead of the upcoming $299 and the Business for $299 instead of $499.

Do keep in mind, the new Business plan will include services that are not included in the current Premium plan. Services like custom development, white label, SLA and dedicated account manager are not included in Premium.  You will however get access to API, user accounts and full analytics suite.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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