MagLoft has recently launched a very simple referral program. We decided to do this because we love it when others share the word about MagLoft and we want to thank them for this effort. The goal of the MagLoft referral program is to give away discounts. When you refer new clients to MagLoft you will earn a discount on your subscription.

We deliberately designed the MagLoft referral program to be as simple as possible, so that our customers could start earning right away!

Nick Martin – CEO MagLoft

It’s very simple. When you are a MagLoft publisher (paid user) you now have the opportunity to share MagLoft with others and earn a discount applied to your existing MagLoft subscription. If you have multiple subscriptions, we will apply the coupons to the highest tier subscription once you refer a new customer.

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How Does the Referral Program Work?

Inside your MagLoft account, under your Account Settings you will find a section called Referral Program. This section includes your referral links and more information about the referral program.

Place your special referral link on your website and share it via social media. When someone clicks on your link, they are taken to MagLoft and registered as a referral from you. This is because your referral link includes your account number.

As you know, anyone can register for a free MagLoft account. Once a referral has registered you will be able to see all the people you refer to MagLoft from the Referral Program under your Account Settings.

Here is an example of what that list of referrals can look like (test data below):

magloft referral program list of referrals

This is what my referral link looks like (yes I was the first user haha):

You can link to any specific MagLoft page as long as you include your referral ID like so:


You can also use an image if you want to link to MagLoft using your referral link. Below is a snippet of code you can actually just copy/paste and use. Just remember to change 1 to your userid! You can also find this code with your userid ready to use in your MagLoft account under Referral Program.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""/></a>

Which looks like this:

magloft referral banner program image

What Are The Rewards?

As I mentioned in the beginning, we have kept the rewards very simple. For every new client you refer to MagLoft we will add a coupon code to your main subscription. Here is a breakdown of the referrals and coupon codes added:

  • Refer 1 customer and earn a 25% discount on your main subscription
  • Refer 2 customers and earn a 50% discount on your main subscription
  • Refer 3 customers and earn a 100% discount on your main subscription

So in the simplest form you can refer three and get a free MagLoft account.

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