New Feature: Link iTunes Connect

MagLoft now lets you link iTunes Connect accounts to your MagLoft account directly through a new feature we call “Link iTunes Connect Account”. This feature will let you add your iTunes Connect account information directly in your MagLoft Publishing section and we will verify that your account has the required programs so you can publish apps in your own account.

Always Publish Apps In Your Own Accounts!

As you know, MagLoft highly encourages you to publish apps via your own developer accounts. Actually, it’s such an important thing that we require it. We do not publish your apps via our own account for several reasons. By publishing apps via your own Developer Accounts you:

  1. stay in control of your account settings
  2. stay in control of your app versions
  3. stay in control of your finances
  4. stay in control of your store listings
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Link iTunes Connect Account To Stay In Control

As you can see from the list above it’s really about staying in control of your apps. If you let another company publish your apps in their account you lose control. Simply link your iTunes Connect account in MagLoft which allows us to publish apps on your behalf directly into your own accounts. There are two extremely important things to consider and always remember:

1. When you publish an app in iOS with  subscriptions you cannot transfer it to another account later! Apple does simply not allow this, which means that app is tied to the original developer account! If you let another company publish your app in their account and later you decide to use a better company (like MagLoft of course), then you can’t transfer the app. You are forced to remove the original app and build a new one losing ratings, listings, traffic and more!

If you publish an app in your own developer account, it will be easy to remain in control and moving to another company would simply require a new app version published. No downtime, no lost ratings and reviews, no lost subscribers, basically no loss!

2. If you let another company publish your app and you offer in-app purchases (like single issue sales and subscriptions), then all the income is sent to their bank from their developer account bypassing you completely at first. They are then required to forward payments to you, and that of course has an additional charge!

Stay in control of your finances by publishing apps via your own developer accounts. At MagLoft we take pride in making it hard for us, to make it easy for you and to keep you in control of your apps, income and accounts.

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