Hi all! Super quick update from the MagLoft HQ. Late last year Google announced that they will start labeling all apps (ad supported) if they run native ads. Today is the cut-off day for developers to go in and mark their apps if they are ad free or supported by ads.


What Type of Ads are Covered?

The new “Ad Supported” label needs to be applied to apps that utilize native advertisements from 3rd party ad SDK providers and ad mediation services. It does not mean you have to label your app “ad supported” if you run advertisements inside your issue content or if you are promoting affiliate offers. It mainly pertains to a native banner and interstitial ads that pop up in the user interface.

What Should I do about the Ad Supported Setting?

If you are a MagLoft customer please login to your Google Play Developer Account account and navigate to the Pricing and Distribution section to make sure Google sets the correct value for Ad Supported (which in most cases should be set to No). We are adding support for native advertisements as an additional way to monetize and it will be rolled out in Q1 of 2016. At that time, we will automatically update your app in Google Play if you decide to use native advertisements.

Why Do I Need To Set The Ad Supported Label?

In order for us to submit updates to your Android app moving forward, you need to make sure this setting has been toggled. Google Play won’t allow us to update your app if this hasn’t been set. It’s a super quick login to the Developer Account and flipping the switch. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this please don’t hesitate to let us know.

What Is MagLoft?

MagLoft.com is our all-in-one digital publishing solution. MagLoft allows you to build and publish your own white label native publishing apps for Apple and Google Play Stores. We allow PDF and HTML5 publishers to quickly and easily get setup with their own apps. It’s free to register for an account so please check it out.

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