MagLoft Tutorials How To Get Started

The MagLoft team is on a mission to bring you the most user-friendly publishing platform. We have awesome technology in place and now it’s time to teach you how to use it with our MagLoft tutorials. The blog that you are reading now is the go-to place for tips trick and MagLoft video tutorials. We will be updating this training site weekly and will bring you new videos and tutorials every time we push a new feature or upgrade our software.

If you haven’t tried MagLoft yet you should give it a try. It’s free to try out.

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MagLoft Video Tutorials

Whenever possible we will create MagLoft tutorials based on video content. Sometimes it’s much better to show you how to do things instead of explaining only. That’s why most of the MagLoft tutorials on this site will be video based. We will also have articles and other posts that are not video only.

MagLoft Tutorials Requests

We are more than happy to receive specific requests for tutorials that can help you. Please do submit your suggestions and ideas for new MagLoft tutorials. The easiest way for you to send a tutorial request is by visiting our contact page and submit a request from there.

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2 thoughts on “MagLoft Tutorials How To Get Started”

  1. Hi we are trying to test a pdf magazine that we have already published in other flip book portals. We had taken the free test account from Magloft. We uploaded the pdf magazine but could not figure out how we may add links to some of the wordings Please advice us the solution. We would like to learn from a tutorial how we can change our pdf doc to an interactive magazine solution with Magloft.

    1. Hi Ataman, thanks for reaching out to us! I’m wondering if you already made contact to MagLoft support for this? We have the live chat on our site which you can use to get answers much faster. Here is a super short video clip that shows you how you can add links to PDF files uploaded in MagLoft:

      You can also add these links directly in Adobe or any other program you use to generate your PDF. These links will automatically be picked up by the MagLoft converter and turned into clickable/tappable links.

      Hope this helps.

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