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Putting together digital magazines can be tough work, especially if you are an indie publisher! The last thing you want is for your digital magazine to look amateur. In this article we will cover a list of great free stock photos you can use to spice up your content.

In fact, the only way you can make the most of a platform like MagLoft is to build interactive digital magazines with lots of media. Did you know that using MagLoft, you can put photographs, vectors, illustrations, audio clips, GIFs, and even video games in your digital magazine?

You must be thinking that you need to be a huge media company with hundreds of freelance creatives on your payroll to build such media-rich digital magazines. This is simply not true.

Is it possible to create a digital magazine that looks professional with very little time and limited resources? Absolutely!

Let’s find out how.

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Free Stock Photos, Vector Graphics, And More

You can turn any dry piece of text into a visually stunning digital magazine with this one simple trick – free stock photos. There are lots of websites on the internet offering royalty free stock photos. This means that you are free to use them commercially and will not be infringing on any copyright.

Most websites will ask you for a subscription fee to get access to their free stock photos, or they’ll let you download some for free with watermarks (making them useless anyway).

Here are a few websites that let you download free stock photos without subscription fees:

Free Stock Photos Without Subscriptions:

Now that you’ve found some great visuals to use in your digital magazine, let’s see where you can find royalty free audio.

Royalty Free Music And Audio:

DJ Booth Free Stock Photos

Fonts are another very useful resource for your digital magazine. You can find thousands of beautiful free fonts online. With the right font, a boring chunk of text can be transformed into a visually attractive paragraph.

Typography Resources – Free Fonts:Typography Free Stock Photos

Warning: Check Usage Restrictions

While you will find easily downloadable free resources on all of the websites mentioned above, some of them might have usage restrictions.

If people are paying to see issues of your digital magazine, you are essentially looking for resources that allow commercial use (different from personal use, or use for educational purposes). Make sure to go through the fine print just to make sure you’re in the clear as far as any copyright issues are concerned.

Have fun designing a beautiful website!

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