Are you a professional publisher looking to create and distribute digital content? If so, you may be wondering which platforms or website are best for publishing epubs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what epubs are, the difference it has with PDF, and some of the pros and cons of each format. We’ll also discuss some popular platforms that can help you publish your own.

What is Epubs?

What is Epubs?

Epubs are part of digital publishing. It is digital books product that are accessible on various devices. Some examples are Apple Books, Kindle, and more. Unlike PDF magazines, it can adjust to the size of the screen. Making them easier to read on different devices. Although creating an epub may need extra steps, it offers many advantages.

One advantage of epubs is that they have smaller file sizes. Making it easy and faster for you to download.

Difference between Epubs and PDF Magazines

They both have their own unique differences. Epubs are reflowable, meaning the text can adjust to fit different screen sizes. But, PDF magazines have fixed layouts which means they will appear exactly as how it designed. PDF magazines will not adjust to the different sizes of devices.

Epubs are designed for e-readers such as Apple Books or Amazon Kindle. PDF magazine files are accessible on devices like Adobe Acrobat Reader. One advantage they have is that readers can customize the font size according to their preferences. something that isn’t possible in a standard PDF magazine file.

Pros and Cons of Epubs

Epubs offer many benefits. Such as accessibility from many devices and a customizable reading experience. Additionally, epubs have lower file sizes than PDF magazines, making them easier to download and share with readers worldwide.

However, there are also limitations to consider when using epubs. Compared to print books or PDF magazines, formatting options may be limited. Additionally, certain devices may require additional software or apps to read epubs.

Overall, the decision between using which one depend on your audience’s preferences and needs. Consider the pros and cons before deciding which format is best for your digital content.


  • Accessibility across multiple devices
  • Customizable reading experience
  • Lower file size than PDF magazines


  • Limited formatting options compared to print books or PDF magazines
  • It may require additional software or apps to read on certain devices

Example of Epubs Content: Apple Books Air Force History (by United States Space Force)

Platforms for Publishing Epubs

MagLoft is a great platform for publishing epubs, as it allows authors and publishers to create and distribute digital content easily. It offers various features such as customizable templates, analytics, and the ability to publish on multiple platforms. Another benefit of MagLoft is that it provides readers with an interactive reading experience through its user-friendly interface.


MagLoft is the perfect platform for authors and publishers who want to create, publish, and distribute their digital content worldwide.

Here are a few benefits that come with using

  • Create stunning digital publications:
  • With endless design options and customization features available in Magloft’s system, you can publish a beautiful epub that will attract your readers.
  • Reach global audiences:
  • Your content will be accessible to anyone around the world at any time on any device.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly platform that can help you create amazing digital publications while also giving you access to millions of potential readers worldwide then look no further than MagLoft.

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